Copy Trading Master’s Winning Strategies Review — Episode 5

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2 min readSep 28, 2023

Easy Follow, Smart Trade! Discover the winning strategies of our popular traders.

1. Copy Trading Master’s Introduction

User ID: LBA4D56998

Trader’s Profile:

Trading Style: Trend Swing, Combining Long and Short Trades

2.Trade Operation Recap

Shorting ETHUSDT with 50x leverage, entry at $1590.3 USDT, exit at $1575.3 USDT, generating a 47.38% ROI. As shown in the chart below:

3.Trade Review

3.1 Market Background:

On September 21, the Federal Reserve maintained its federal funds rate target in the range of 5.25% to 5.50%, in line with market expectations. The FOMC statement indicated that 12 officials expect one more rate hike this year, while 7 officials expect it to remain unchanged. The Fed dot plot suggests that the first rate cut is likely to be postponed until September next year. Currently, the market lacks substantial positive news to support BTC’s price to run higher.

BTC 4-hour chart, as shown:

On the 4-hour chart of BTC, after a previous sharp decline, it is currently in a corrective phase. The bottom has not been formed yet, and there is still downside potential. It is judged to be a continuation of the downtrend, with immediate support at $25,500 USD. BTC needs to pay attention to the support levels around $24,800 and $25,500.

3.2 Winning Strategies Summary:

For BTC, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies, it’s better to wait for a clear direction with obvious breakthroughs or reversal signals before entering.

Note: Personal opinion, for reference only. Opportunities and risks abound, always do your research before investing.



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