LBank AMA Recap with BDTX

On 8 July we held an AMA with the BDTX team, hosted on LBank official telegram channel. If you missed this telegram session, here’s another chance to get a full transcript of the AMA event.



so My name is garrett and I am the founder and CEO of Block Duelers NFT play to earn platform!

Currently living in Dubai, but originally from California, USA

BTW, for those that do not know.

Block Duelers is the first decentralized finance project to create true utility for NFTs by utilizing an ever-evolving dueling platform.

The battle platform attaches custom fighting stats to compatible NFTs in the game. As you fight and win duels against other opponents, the stats of your fighters rise and become more powerful!

And of course, you can make money from battling ;)


1. The nft market fell following the decline in the crypto market, this condition was exacerbated by rising interest rates and inflation. people prefer to leave assets at risk. How do you convince new investors that your project will be useful in the future?


With the advent of NFTS came the demand for massive NFT utility. What better way to provide utility than through Gamification and play to earn!

Not only do we gamify our in house NFTS that were created by high profile artists around the world, but we can also integrate NFTS from existing NFT projects and collections.

For example, this means that you can use your favorite crypto punk or bored ape yacht club NFTs to play our game AND to also earn money while doing it ;)

Not only that, but as you play with your favorite NFTs, they will gain stats like in an RPG game; this adds added resell value because collectors of NFTs and players of our game will actively search out these high-powered NFTs on secondary marketplaces to purchase them.

This creates instant advantage over other NFTs that haven’t been used much on our platform, or in many cases never used at all in the game…


2. What major partnerships does your project intend to use or how does your project bring its products to the average consumer — especially non-crypto users?


Let's revert back to the first question that was asked: Our platform makes it possible to not only battle our in-house NFTs, but also battle NFTs from other collections.

This in essence means that we can partner with any PFP Nft project and also most other NFT projects to give instant utility to their art. This brings in many possible partnerships on that side alone.

This mechanic will bring in huge royalties and create much-needed volume on NFTS on marketplaces like opensea, it also helps monetize the artists and projects that create these NFTs, giving them a sustainable outlook for the future of tokenized art.

We have many connections in the space including those with the crypto punk and bored ape yacht owners. This should give you a small hint as to what we are capable of, partnerhip wise!

Not only do we have those NFT connections, but we also have connections with Solana Univerity, the Cardano team and a vast network of celebrities, influencers and sports players from many countries around the world.

Our plan with them is to create NFTs based on their personas and implement them into the game.

This not only creates new in-game characters for the block duelers platform but also creates a massive influx of new users (crypto and non-crypto-oriented people) that will collect their favorite celebrities NFT and then also play our game to make some money with a great play to earn experience.

This is a HUGE opportunity for cross-project marketing; for example, if you are battling an opponent and like the NFT they are using, you will be able to click on the NFT in their player profile and it will take you to the social links of that project so you can explore and purchase NFTS from the same collection and then battle to your heart's content!

Pretty exciting, isn't it!?


3. Hello. How will you stand out as a new move-to-earn project at a time when many move-to-earn projects were started together? How will you ensure its survival and attracting a large number of loyal users?



very good question!

Block Duelers was on the forefront of play to earn NFT games, we were also the first NFT game to give utility to existing NFT collections. At one point in time, we were top 5 in the world ;)

We are not exactly new, but we are migrating from BSC to SOLANA to take advantage of cheaper transactions, a new token that will power the new platform and to bring in a huge network of new users.

Not only that, but Solana has a robust NFT infrastructure and plenty of room for growth. They also have NO games that incorporate existing NFT collections to give them cross-project utility ;)

Everything seems to go back to the original questions I was asked… NFT integrations! Survival depends on new users and most of these new users will be NFT collectors that want to provide massive utility to their NFTs.

The more people that come into the project, the more eyes are on these NFT collections. This in turn creates huge opportunity for them to be sold on secondary markets and to create more volume when the NFT market is stagnant.


4. What is your plan about globalization? Do you have local Communities for those users who don’t understand English well? What can we expect to see from your platform in the short-term (at some point in 2022) & 2023? And beyond (long-term goals)?


Ok so as of right now we only have an English speaking community, but we allow all languages to be spoken and there is always someone that can respond in your native tongue!

As the platform grows, we plan to expand our communities to multiple languages and nationalities with new telegram channels.

This will be done as we ramp up our marketing and outreach globally.

Luckily for us, we have many connections with communities from around the world including China, Philipines, Africa, Europe, and even South America.

Short term, we need to keep building our English speaking community as a majority of the world already speaks it or can use translator services to be able to communicate or keep up with what is going on.

Our long-term goals are to reach out to new communities in parts of the world that rely on play to earn gaming to make a living, this is done to expand our platform and bring new users in. In order for this to be successful, we will need to onboard leaders from other communities and projects that can help facilitate new telegram chats and to moderate them efficiently.

We also aim to create and reach out to existing gaming guilds that will further widen our user base which in turn will create even larger communities in nonenglish speaking regions of the world.

The world is our oyster!


5. Could you brief a lil bit about your tokenomics? Are they inflationary or deflationary, fixed finite supply or flexible issuance? What are the incentives for token investors and holders and how do you see an increase in token value happening?


So as for tokenomics:

We have a fixed supply, so the tokenomics are neither inflationary or deflationary. This is perfect for a play-to-earn game and here is why: You need the token to interact with the platform.

This means that in order to play the game, upgrade characters (without having to grind the game for months on end), purchase in-game items and upgrades and also mint our in-house NFT fighters via our lootbox system, you have to pay in BDTX!

This means the token should exponentially increase in value. Not only that, but we have developed our rewards payout system for the play to model in SOL tokens. This in turn creates less sell pressure on the BDTX token and also helps to sustain the tokenomics of the project for the long-term goals we have planned ;)

In the future, as the game expands and more users come on board, we can explore the idea of expanding the tokenomics so that new users have a better point of entry so they can then start playing our game and utilizing the play to earn features without having to spend a ton of money to do so.

We want this game to be inclusive, in order to do so, the barrier of entry will need to be simplified for those new comers!



In recent times, there are many NFT platforms appearing online, what is BTDX plan to integrate into as many platforms as possible and also support multiple chain linking to other blockchains out there? What content can we launch in your marketplace?


We can launch NFTs into our marketplace once it is online. We plan to use Cardano for altering blockchain integration to create better crosschain compatibility.


Hello @Built2Last408 Gaming sector is extremely competitive & many platforms had to work very hard to reach their current user numbers. How will team compete with the existing gaming platforms & what extra will it offer to get the gamers from the existing platforms?


We can integrate any nft from any collection/project, this will bring in many new users. also, the game is very simplistic and has a low barrier for entry, and gives access to all age groups!

Cassy Mccoy

Do you have any ongoing or upcoming reward program events, please let us know in detail &do you have any ambassador program as well as your project? More communities hold events to attract more people. That is also the main thing to attract project investors


We will have a referral program for the purchase of OTC tokens. We will also have competitions and tournaments that will be LIVE in person and online to increase awareness and playability


Many projects have problems with UI / UX and this one turns off new users. How do you plan to improve the interaction with new users and with users outside the crypto space?


Making things as simple as possible, we dedicate ourselves to user experience and understand people want intuitive gameplay. Make things fun and easy for people and they will play forever!


Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I’d like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?


Community interaction is the most important aspect of building our platform. we believe positive feedback directs us toward a better gaming experience



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