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LBank AMA Recap with BLOCKBEN

On 15 March we held an AMA with the BLOCKBEN, hosted on LBank official telegram channel. If you missed this telegram session, here’s another chance to get a full transcript of the AMA event.


Today I will introduce you guys BlockBen and the whole ecosystem including our token eBSO

Blockben’s full name is BlockBen Financial Services OU, it was registered in Estonia in 2018. From the beginning it was very important for us to run our business in a crypto compliant environment, so that’s why we chose Estonia and obtained all necessary crypto licenses. Today when only 300 companies have these licenses, we can proudly say we are one of them.

In 2018 our vision was to build a bridge between the traditional financial and the crypto world. To help regulated financial institutions enter the blockchain space through our own developed hybrid blockchain, and also helping cryptocurrency users enter an environment where they can legally perform FIAT transactions, while also helping users join the cryptocurrency space in a secure way. We believe that being a bridge is what the market needs and that is the core of our business.

Another important thing with BlockBen is the underlying asset we choose for our ecosystem. It needed to be something that’s been around for a long time and people know it, believe in it and trust it, much more than any FIAT currency. So that’s why we chose GOLD. We are using an audited gold kept in Switzerland as an underlying asset for our whole ecosystem. As time goes by and by the constant volatility of the market it seems its as a wise decision.


1. We heard there are big developments recently in your ecosystem, and I am sure everyone is very interested what it can be, but before we go there can you tell us some basic information about BB?


I think Its basically covered above. BlockBen is a complex ecosystem and its key elements I mentioned above :D

Question 2:

2. Zoltan, how long have you been with the team and what is your role in it?


Thank you for your quesiton. I joined the team in the beginning of 2019. Actually the vision of the CEO Attila Krocsek, and the potential in the company got my attention. Started as an adviser and now I am the head of product of eBSO, and does a lot of promotion of our very unique value token eBSO — that’s listed on LBank.

Question 3.

3. So could you introduce us your ecosystem? What are the key elements?


The BlockBen ecosystem has 3 main parts:

starting with our own very unique hybrid blockchain called NATRIX which provides the underlying technology for BlockBen.

We have two cryptocurrency, one is BNOX the 100% gold backed stable coin, and the other is eBSO which is our platform token. eBSO is tradeable on LBank.

The third part of the ecosystem is our crypto index funds, the BIT (BlockBen Index Token), which has the BIT top20+, the BIT 5, and the BIT Atlas.

As you can see this ecosystem is pretty complex and therefore BlockBens and its platform token growth potential is huge.

Question 4:

4. If I understand correctly Natrix is the underlying technology behind blockben. I have never heard about Natrix what are the special features? In what way Natrix is unique?


Yes, Natrix is a very different blockchain than most of you used to.

Its logic is not like a public blockchain or a private blockchain. It is a hybrid blockchain that is combining the advantages of both. Its extremely suitable for financial institutions, and for central classic systems where they are supervised by a central authority.

But also keeping privacy and control in the users hands. Very special right?

Our BlockBen wallet is already running on it, and another financial institution will be launched on it this year, called Benker.

So our blockchain is starting to get more and more clients and businesses.

On Natrix there are some super special solutions that we believe will be able to revolutionise blockchains, but right now I cannot tell much more about it. We will announce these feautures and make them open for public.

Outstanding features are:

• Financial industry focus

• Auditable

• Legally bound

• No internal tokens or cryptocurrencies

• Modular and configurable access control system

• Privacy by design and so on

I don’t want to be super technical but for more information please visit our website

You can also check our lightpaper there. If anyone is interested in potential cooperation you can contact through email on the website.

Question 5:

5. EBSO is your platform token right? Why is it very different than any other token?


So as every platform token, eBSO price is also related to the overall business of the platform, but eBSO is much more than. It is a token with real value, that’s growing all the time. eBSO is the worlds first VALUE TOKEN. What does that mean?

Well, the crypto market is growing rapidly, but many tokens went dead and the tokens price became 0. Even with the preferable market conditions, a lot of people have lost all the money they invested。

That’s why BlockBen created an exciting alternative, in the form of eBSO, the first VALUE TOKEN in the crypto world. It does not just combine, but surpass all token types.

The eBSOs price has two key elements: the basic value thats growing and the market added value. Lets see what are they:

The growing basic value is a unique concept where the asset has a basic value, but it is not a fixed amount(like with stablecoins), instead it constantly grows.

Imagine you can have a token thats starting from — for example — 0.01 usd, but after a year whatever the market does its worth double or triple or even more. The way eBSO achieves this is by creating a gold pool, where the company accumulates a percentage of each transaction within the BlockBen ecosystem.

Gold makes the token more resistant to fluctuations, not only on the crypto- but the conventional market as well. At the time of writing the gold pool held by BlockBen for the community has over 58 kg of gold, valued at over 3.3M USD.

It is equivalent to 20% of the National Gold Reserve of Estonia. The eBSO’s community gold pool is regularly audited, insured and being guarded in a secure safe in Zurich, Switzerland.

It’s easy to see that the more transaction happens in the ecosystem the faster this pool grows, and so does the value of the token: eBSO.

The other factor of the eBSO price is the market added value. It stems from the expectation of holders and sellers on the exchanges where eBSO is tradable.

Question 6:

6. Why is it good to have eBSO? What’s your prediction for 2022 for eBSO?


Well I am very catutios with predictions, but

eBSO is not a typical token, and its basic value is increasing by the day. Why is it good to have eBSO?

Because there is not many things in the world that can grow in value every year. Real estate can lose its value, the crypto market is volatile, stable coins are good but will never be able to grow.

So by having eBSO, you can have all the advantages of the best assets in the world, and they are credited in gold.

We can see the gold price is reaching new all time highs, and so will grow the value of eBSO. It’s an asset that has an amazing potential in the mid or long run.

On the top of all these if you are still not convinced, right now the price of eBSO is relatively low, so you can get a very good market entry opportunity.

It’s a basic rule: buy low, sell high. BUY and HODL. ���

So by having eBSO you invest in the long run. And for Lbank users its super convenient, since its only traded on Lbank now!

Question 7

7. BIT is the key element in your product portfolio, what is BIT? Is there any BIT that you would recommend to crypto enthusiasts?


The BlockBen Index Token — or BIT — is a crypto index fund, with all products in the fund having different features and advantages.

Right now we have three products, the BIT TOP20+, BIT 5 and BIT Atlas. The first two was aimed for non crypto users, and help them to be able to enter the crypto market in an easy, convenient and secure way.

The third product is BIT Atlas, that I think can be very interesting for everyone especially when the market has so much uncertainty about future trends.

BIT Atlas is a combination of trading algorithms.

BIT Atlas is driven by trusted and tested algorithms, aiming for continuous profit maximization. One of the benefits of algorithms is that they automatically choose the most optimal investment strategies.

BIT Atlas started in February but we are already very satisfied with what we saw. Overall we can say the market dropped by 10–15% meanwhile our trading algorithm kept the funds on a less than -1%.

And today when the market dropped even more we got to a positive rate. But BIT Atlas is much more than just a loss minimisation tool. Its main benefits are:

Comfort: You only need to buy the BIT Atlas tokens in the BlockBen wallet; the automated strategies behind it do the rest for you.

Exchange host:BlockBen has many accounts on different crypto exchanges. As for BIT Atlas, trades are made exclusively on the Binance platform, the world’s no.1 cryptocurrency exchange.

Reduced Risks: The portfolio uses stop orders by not allowing trades under a certain value, thereby minimizing and reducing losses. Besides stop orders, the portfolio also uses position resizing to reduce risks

Profit sharing model: The management of the funds doesn’t take away a fixed rate of your portfolio on a monthly basis, but only take a share when you having a positive balance. It means we only share what we earn, keeping the bigger part in your hands.

You can buy BIT Atlas in our Wallet that you and download from Google Play and App Store.

For more information please check our website: blockben

so BIT Atlas is the index fund I would recommend for users to do their own DYOR

Second Section


How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?


So you can follow our website, and get all the information about our tokens and products… Also joiun our social media channels on twitter and telegram


Please tell me,How can I buy your tokens right now?Andwhich wallet support your token?thanks


So you can buy the token on LBANK as we speak…Its listed as eBSO. for the above reasons It is a good time to participate and enter the market.


According to the roadmap, what are your most important next priorities? Does your team have enough funds and strong community to achieve those milestones?


Our roadmap can be checked on our website. What is a key priority is the interoperability of our tokens BNOX and eBSO on other chains not just ethereum, and also to promote BIT ATLAS in the cyrpto community


IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?


It is for everyone not just accredited investors. Our community consisting of more than 15k people in Europe, and most of them are normal investors just like you and me


What are the benefits of holding your token as long term investment? Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to keep the your token in the long run?


It is in the logic of eBSO the VALUE token. Its the only asset that can increase its value even when the market is dropping. Actually doesnt matter what happens in the market if its growing or moving sideways, it will always increase its value by every transaction in the platform



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