LBank AMA Recap with Bobatama

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8 min readMar 23, 2022
LBank AMA Recap with Bobatama

On 21 March we held an AMA with the Bobatama, hosted on LBank official telegram channel. If you missed this telegram session, here’s another chance to get a full transcript of the AMA event.

Q1: Can you introduce the BOBA ecosystem? What services / infrastructure does it include?

A: The main utility behind the Bobatama is the Bobamask. The Bobamask is a multi-chain ghost wallet. Looking to change the space, it combines two technologies, multi-chain. You’ve been compatible wallet with the Force Ghost technology. So that’s the main utility behind the Bobamask.

Q2: Mr. Matthew Neto, may I get to know you more, what is your background and what was your motivation that prompted you and your team to create BOBATAMA?

A: I have a background in project management and real estate development. I most recently worked as a project manager, project engineer, just constructing buildings, had done projects for construction, for maintenance, for IT just in different industries. And the motivation behind Bobatama. I’ve seen how the evolution of crypto has in the past couple of years. And as it’s being mass adopted through various organizations, more people are using crypto now being acceptable as a legal tender. The way I see things, we need an additional layer of protection and privacy. As more people are beginning to adopt crypto. So my thinking is to after doing some research, just to create something that hasn’t been done before by taking two existing technologies and just putting it together in one wallet to make it easier for investors as a crypto listing continue to become evolved.

Q3: Mr. Matthew Neto can you explain in more detail about “Force Ghost”? and your projects claim that this is the first thing Ghost multi-chain has done, are you sure about that! since I can find something similar elsewhere where the user is completely anonymous, what is the difference between your projects?

A: Our Force Ghost technology is based on the case and our technology. Like I said, these technologies, there’s a whole bunch of different wallets. That’s also multi-chain exactly like you said. You guys can find that out there. Different multi-chain wallets and also the anonymous transaction function. That’s already a technology that’s been in existence, z-cash pioneer, that technology, z-case mark has been around since 2016.
These technologies are not nothing new. These technologies have already been out there in existence. But what makes Bobatama different? What makes the Bobatama utility different compared to these technologies? Is that it’s never been combined together into one. These are two technologies that are separate. It’s never been done the way that we’re doing it, putting it altogether, integrated into one wallet for the user. That’s the difference there.

Q4: What was the main idea? Did you see from somewhere from the cartoon? How did you came up with the name?

A:Bobatama means base and token with the utility. I’m a star wars fan, so Bobatama comes from boba fan, who was the star wars character. So I just kind of mixed in some ideas, and I wanted to create something fun and engaging, but also with the purpose, which is the utility the Bobamask. So that’s where Bobatama comes from, the star wars concept.

Q5: You can talk about your community, but what will be like? Three more important words about your community and what described them the best?

A: Now I would say engagement, priority, and inclusiveness. Something else I also wanted to add in terms of the community, because this is kind of just redefining what a community project is. We had an AMA the last Saturday where we showcased the utility where I share my screen and all the community. Everybody they can see what we’re doing with the utility. They saw the development, they saw like all the screens and the previous of what we’re doing. So what I haven’t seen done before in a project where it’s like we’re project developers actually include community members as part of that development process. And that’s what we’re doing here. It’s very imperative to involve the community because you are developing this utility for the users, for the community. So the best feedback that I can get myself as a product donor, as a developer is getting that feedback from people who are gonna be using the product. That’s how you make the best product since day one. We’ve been transparent, we’ve been open. This is what we’re doing. Then even last week doing our AMA showcase our utility, having that community Engagement, that involvement, where they can actually see for themselves like on their screen. They could see like this is what they’re doing and being able to just move in this journey with us. That is number one priority for me and essential, because I want the community to see and be involved in what we’re doing.

Q6: Mr. Matthew Neto can you share your plans for the future. How do you see this project in a few years?

A: The plan for the few years, I see everybody using the wallet. I see everybody using the Bobamask. There’s different wallets out there, mainly metalmass that’s been around. They haven’t in any updates, especially people who are new to crypto, that they’re not familiar with certain wallets for certain block chains, of just giving an all inclusive experience to them, or that they can actually just use it completely forever.
That’s the goal just to make Bobamask, a global brand that everybody can use for the crypto needs.

Q7: Most NFTs games currently suffer low player base due to expensive initial cost for a new player to take part in the game. How do you attract a large group of players?

A: In terms of our nfts, we are gonna be releasing our nfts in the next coming days. A day hasn’t been announcer, but I’ve announced it, but what’s different? A lot of people are doing these nfts with games. So what we’re doing is linking our nfts to the utility access. You will be selected to try out the beta version of the utility prior to me releasing and I went to the public. In our first mvp process, minimum viable products. So linking the nfts to the access, I think it’s very exciting. A lot of people are excited about it because they’ll be the first ones to actually try out the wallet.

Q8: Are you local based and or are you global? What are your future expansion?

A: I’m based in north America. For future expansion, we’re opening up a company in a crypto friendly country. I’m gonna be in portugal. In the next coming days to open up the company and, expand operations there, and then just have all the documentation, everything to then operate the company there and just expand in that area. So that’s the first step to our future expansion of operation.

Q9: Is there any new events that your guys planning to attempt and where are they gonna be held or something?

A: We’re looking at some events right now to see, I know there’s the recent expo in Dubai. I wasn’t able to make it because we had just launched, but we’re looking at the certain expos, I believe there’s even one in Florida, there’s ones even in the summer in different parts of the world. So we’re gonna be looking at these different events and different expos and to potentially see if we can actually go in there and just kind of spread that awareness into these areas.

Q10: Are you guys is gonna have an app or is gonna be on app store or play store? What is the future about that?

A: Yes, it’ll be in an app. I will released the web version first, and then the app to follow up shortly after, but it’ll be an app be able to download it an apple in the Ios and android to be able to use it on your mobile device. We are on track now to release our first mvp in the next coming weeks, because we’re gonna be releasing the utility like in phases. Right? First thing we’re gonna be releasing is the actual a multi chain wallet functionality and then releasing it to the beta users to test it and then also to the community members. So that way they can actually see the wall and actually try it for themselves. Then that’ll be like the first test run and then getting that feedback. And then going back to then continue improving on that utility and then combining the Force Ghost technology into the multi-chain function, final product release. We’re on track now to release it this year.

Q11: Is Bobatama gonna have its own version of tokens, or will it see the tokens as they are natively?

A: Integrating the evm compatible multi chain functions, you’ll be able to then select, like we’re gonna have little icons where you can actually select the block chain, making it easier. So I know Metamask, you have to like click the little scroll thing and then you actually select it. Once you click on the icons, whatever tokens that’s integrated into that block chain, for that icon for that network, you’ll be able to see it inside the wallet.

Q12: What strategies do you have? What plans you have in place that will make you like stand out from the rest and at the same time?

A: I think stands a test of time where actually community members actually have an opinion. Right? So those who invest in the token whether if, they invest $100 or $1,000. Those investors, they actually have an opinion on how we’re developing the utility. They are gaining that feedback from them. The best feedback that we can get on in a marketing standpoint is from the people. It’s from users. That’s what our strategy is. Every step of the way as we continue forward with the development process and also marketing in that way, getting into additional new phases as we continue closer to final phasing and then just raising that awareness of the utility. So marketing strategy wise is its community has always been priority, and they’re gonna continue to be priority with the development of the utility.

Q13: Now, do you have an ambassador to program that actually helps to assist is such tactical forms of a man?

A: I think it was to have an ambassador program. We do have good marketers who are expanding on social media, especially into different regions. We have one specifically for China, most specifically for Europe. So we are expanding our marketing capabilities and our team to raise that awareness.



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