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LBank AMA Recap with $CCV2

On 9th March 2023 , LBank held an AMA with the $CCV2 team in the LBank official telegram group, those ones who had missed this session can see the recap of the AMA here and can read the transcript of the session again.


My name is Douglas McKenna. I’m originally from the U K I now reside in Paris and France. I am the head of operations of studio nation. Studio nation is a registered company in the UK and we formulated.

We are a new decentralized marketplace and streaming platform known as celebrity coin.

Whereby all generations can participate by creating and sharing content i.e, films, videos, music, music lines E.T.C. on this particular decentralized platform. So I mean to give you an idea of what a vision is, the vision is really to start to disrupt the.

The primary, centralized streaming platforms that are, that have monopolized the market for so many years and that take up about 80% of the revenue stream globally, we are using blockchain technology to do so.

And part of our mission is to solve problems on the blockchain such as high joining fees to join these big conglomerates and also the high transactional costs. So our objective is to try and reduce these costs as much as possible for the everyday person that wants to access good entertainment.

Our vision is to create a platform that supports blockchain in a non-destructive way.

So, in a non-destructive way, the casual user won’t notice CC celebrity coin will only charge users once and off only after they’ve taken full

advantage of the platform and are enjoying its full potential. So our strategy is about production, we’ve listed all our products in our white paper. Each product is designed in such a way as to target a specific market. For example, for aspiring filmmakers and content producers, we will be doing crowdfunding. We will be accessing investors to try and help and support aspiring talent, those with talent in the film and video industry, and the music industry that doesn’t get the opportunity in mainline mainstream marketing to be able to fulfill the.

God-given talents. we also have CC machine, which is a tool to mine the coin.

By using smartphone devices in movies, we will allow filmmakers to be able to control and monetize their own products on our stream. So they are very various products, and that’s kind of the just of where we go. We want to disrupt the mainstream market in the movie and entertainment industry by giving more people an opportunity on our decentralized platform using blockchain technology. To be able to fulfill their talents.


Question 1

Can you please tell us more about the team vision cause many projects does well in start and later abandoned the project? What is your strategy to increase attraction towards your project?


Well, as I already mentioned, our vision is really to disrupt the centralized streaming platforms, the big monopolized conglomerates that currently control this market. About 80% of the revenues are controlled by this market, so we want to disrupt it using our marketplace and our streaming platform coin on blockchain technology to be able to give those with talent, those aspiring filmmakers, movie producers, video content producers, and music producers, the opportunity to be able to display their talent, their creativity, their creations on our platform and to be able to monetize it, that is primarily what we’re trying to do. So yes, our strategy is very much linked to the entertainment industry, and the production industry. We know that it’s a growing market.

The statistics prove that, for example, the advanced industry is growing from in 2019 is 1~1 billion dollars, it’s going to be going up to about 1~5 billion dollars by 2028. There are over 10,000 film festivals every year and that’s growing too will be participating in these form festivals encouraging people to register using our technology, either USDT or by using our tokens to be able to get creative, their creation, and their films into that market. also potentially be awarded for doing such things.

So we know that we’re on a good, we’re in a good marketplace because it’s a growing market, the entertainment market, we don’t foresee irrespective of what’s going on right now in the world, we do anticipate that it aligns quite well with what we want to achieve for our members, for our registered users, and how we want to be able to give value to the marketplace, to the streaming content, and obviously with our token on the exchanges that we will be going. We know we’re on a few exchanges right now, but we will and anticipate by the end of the year we will be on multiple exchanges so the value will continue to grow and we’ll be a part of that.

Guest 2

I’ve been in this field for a long, long time. I’ve seen lots of projects, I’ve spent a lot of money and a lot of I lost money and gained money but your credit.

Most of the people abandoned the project because either they have a not good project or either they are not trustworthy, they are not loyal to their client.

I’ve got a wonderful little k community at present. Ask them, they will tell you when it came. Adams and I had a very, very hard time to us, which we tell you about later on, but we stood without we come back we are still very strong regarding our project. We have got a huge project.

For example, one of the projects is Audition. In addition, you can only participate if you have a celebrity coin or if you don’t absolutely coin you purchase using CC or usdt, whatever amount will come that will be used to burn our coin, which is called a buyback burn. That’s what we are going to do.and we, our offer project plus we are our team is very, very strong. We are monetary, strong. We have got a good backup. We have a very strong team like Douglas. He’s a very high-level marketing guy. I can’t say much about him. He is really amazing guy. That’s why he’s in the project.

Question 2:

What are your marketing strategies and how do you plan on implementing global adoption? How do you intend on getting more users, community, and investments from all parts of the world including non-English speakers and communities?


Nonspeaking community, right? I think the majority, I don’t know in ama I’m just seeing 154 or 55 but when we do presentations in the evening, sometimes across thousand.

So at least my community has not aware of it, otherwise, it would have been flooded.

I’m really missing my community here anyway so for your first question non English speaking, at present we are okay, so at present, we are only non-English speaking at present. I’ve been traveling. We and Douglas have been struggling with many countries to bring slowly. This is our strategy. You first start with India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh and then we go to the other countries where for a week we were in CIS countries traveling around .due to a non-disclosure agreement I will not mention much, but we have been in touch with lots of government officials.

Question 3:

Most projects are now abandoned in the middle of their operations due to a lack of sustainability and the incapacity to support expansion in a market that is wildly shifting. How will you be able to deal with market fluctuations in an efficient manner?


We are trying to make a celebrity Coin our entertainment official Coin, we are trying hopefully that’s good. If everything goes fine we will soon. In some countries, we will be obviously CCoin used in the prime industry so which is a piece of huge news that I was going to break maybe next week but because I may happen that’s what I’m telling. So there’s a huge CIS community coming but as I mentioned, the advantage which the people, my people have got in starting, nobody is getting that. And I mean they are very aware we are coming up with our own rewards international, which will have a different kind of opportunity for other people.

So at present that was we started, we went to the CS country. Now once we end c country for a month or so, that’s Douglas and we decided then we will go to my own country, where I live is the UK and then we will go to the US and worldwide.

So we are, because, as I mentioned, starting once, we started restriction.

And when Douglas mentioned when we started, we were smashed, our server got like couldn’t take it. More restriction. We have to shut down our recession.

As soon as we got 150k because we knew we are only going to give 4% of ICO coins in a community and we will, the number of people is joining we were worried.

can you imagine once we started io after 2% we have to shut down? We said no, we can’t give more than 2%.If we were greedy, if we wanted there to collect money, I could have gone for 4% there was a huge demand. My community is here, they will tell you I said no, we have to stop it because we are not here to collect money. We are here to collect the community.

At present we are requesting everyone we are telling everyone our love people with just joint by using only one celebrity coin because I need a community, not money. We are celebrities.

Imagine one coin doge one out. I should not have said that but I’m saying I’m just joking as well. Has got Elon Musk. We have got the backing of celebrities so one almost can change the whole dodgy one for nothing. No project we have got a project. We have got celebrities, the only thing is celebrities don’t have that courage like me to come forward and say, look, I’m going to start my currency because crypto is always associated with rUns and drugs and this went so they escape to institute their name, but I’m not because I believe in my project.

Does anybody watch movies? Actually, people living in Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, sea Ice countries, or poor countries? Imagine if they are watching movies and they are making money.

Question 4. There are two things that make me interested and curious about a project, the first is “expanding the team”. The second is “marketing strategy and adoption plan”. Can you give us more details about these two aspects of you? Do you have a strategy to attract users, especially celebrities?


The sort of where do we go in terms of Attracting more users expansion. we’re studio nation UK Limited, a registered company in the UK and it’s bonafide. The company and any company needs to have an internal structure which means it needs to have an operational side and needs a management side needs an accounting side, a marketing side, an HR side and we are currently in the process of building this team as we go along so and that I think it’s this normal process for any company.

Because we have a duty, we have a duty then obviously to take responsibility for the platform for celebrity Co and make sure that it grows so. But that’s the direct part in terms of how we would grow internally as a company, but also.

Indirectly, and that’s probably the more important part, and we’ve touched on this already, we are creating.

A marketplace, a streaming platform on blockchain for talented people, film directors, music makers, video producers, film producers, one of that, actors, actresses who want what or people whose musicians singers.

They have an opportunity to utilize their skills and talent on our platform and then to monetize what they produce. So that is the indirect is the indirect thing that we’re doing. We’re expanding our employment base indirectly to so many people who.

In the normal sphere, because of either geographical reasons or just out of pure luck, they’re not able to partake in some of these huge productions because they’re just not at the right place at the right time. The blockchain usage, our celebrity coin, our marketplace, and our streaming policy.

We’ll open that up, not just to people in geographical reasons, but also to those who don’t have.

A regular bank account, for example, but they do have access to a smartphone.

Those people and they’re rich, that, that’s probably about 1~7 billion people will now have.

Access to our streaming platforms simply because they have a smartphone.

That smartphone gives them access to finance, access to our wallet, and access to the opportunity to purchase tokens and participate in our process. And from that1~7 billion people. The next silverster stallone, the next Tom cruise, the next chl clients.

Could be from that group and we would love to be a part of their growth in our community. So we are very excited at what we can do.

this probably should have happened a long time ago, but because of big economics and big powers that weren’t able to happen. But now, because of blockchain technology, we are certainly in the right place at the right time to be able to be a part of it in terms of how do we attract others. Well, how do we attract celebrities? We are trying to liberties by producing. We are all about production.

As Adam mentioned already, we’ve already traveled the globe.

Looking for good producers, good filled directors. We have good scripts in place. Luckily we are. We have the right finances in place to be able to create these productions. We are well protected, we are well funded and this is attracted by default. It’s attracting the right scope of people, the right celebrities to our productions, thereby their inputs, their input into what we do.

Indirectly affects the value of our exchange, our token exchange, and as we produce more and more content, more and more moving more productions, video productions, music productions, that value will grow and as Adam mentioned.

Our objective is to, internally we will buy a back point, a backbone. We’ve got the right sort of returns on investment to be able to do so, creating even more value for our holders.

Question 5:

What are your most significant next priorities, according to the project’s roadmap? Is the team equipped with adequate funds and community to meet those goals?


Right from the onset we had a very, very successful private sale and we have a very successful IEO. We’ve had some challenges on the way, but we have a loyal community that’s always back to support us and memberships are great all the time, but we do hope we are.

We are taking the responsible route here. The responsible route means we have for the long term. We’re not just for a short-term stay to take the opportunity and then run away, as many, many crypto investors and owners have done in the past. We want to demonstrate that we are here for those who don’t get that opportunity every day to be able to fulfill their talents so.

We have the funding in place, we have the productions in place and we’re very excited about what we’re going to bring to the public and to the blockchain as streaming content going forward. But we do encourage others to do the same thing if they want to be a former director, former producer or user. Participate in what we’re doing, Invest in this process and utilize your skills are also we are targeting those in Youtube in the influencer sector, the Youtube TikTok is Instagram as those who they set out, probably with the same objective in the mind, and that is to be an entertainer of some sort. But here they have an opportunity to take the natural talents that they’re using on these different social media platforms to become part of what we’re doing. So we are asking them to join us to audition for our latest movie that lets your members know what we’re doing and what that does it. It takes us not just from having a regional, a regional presence, but a global presence because Youtube as TikTok is Instagram, as are.

They occupy a global space. In fact, I think the last statistics show that there were 79 million people with Youtube Influencing status. And we would like to be able to at some point reach out to as many of them as possible. So that’s one element we do, you know, and then also we are because we are in the production phase.

And we have the right funding to be able to do that. We’re talking to the right people. In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be starting our, our first production. And by doing that, by constantly producing different content, we’re then able to go to the market again.

And demonstrate that we have the capability of doing these productions that will.

Bring in more investment.

And we will offer some sort of crowdfunding initiatives to be able to get more investment, to be able to produce more content, thereby taking that return on investment and buying back as much Co as possible and increasing the value. Again, our objective is to for your members, for our members.

Those who are holders of coins, those are holders of coins and other exchanges who want to push CCB two point do you be able to see, see how we are going to.


Bring more and more value to what you’ve invested in.

So I hope that kind of answers the question.


Okay, as Douglas mentioned like I think this will be the only platform where if you are a YouTuber, you are tickiktoker you are an Instagram gram anything like you influencer.

I met a lot of influences and what I learned from them, they were saying, Adam, we make a lot of money, not all 99% they don’t make money. One person I’m talking about, they are a huge influencer.

He said, Adam, we make a lot of money but Adam there something is missing.

We want to be a celebrity. That’s the reason we came into this field. We thought we will become a celebrity. Yes, we are a quantum celebrity, but not like you guys, not like a celebrity, like a movie. So our end aim is to become a celebrity and we are negotiating with them. It says okay, you want to come and show your talent, which you have already shown in youtube ram tiktok. I will give you the opportunity, but for that, you have to.

Promote my CCcoin so now instead of paying housing mugged in our cryptos, you have to pay a lot of money to influence it to promote your coin. but in our case, it’s going another way around now. They are coming to us asking for a job.

They can make money, but they can’t make a name like what we can give them.

The other project is coming is called celebrity talent hunt ind like an audition.

Audition is a huge business. We were planning to do in CIS country, our biggest audition because they have already done it 20,000 people were invited there. We want to do bigger than that.

Question 6:All project crypto have main Utilities & real-life use cases! So, can you tell us what is the main role of your coin in your ecosystem? Explain its use Utilities & Real Life? and why should I invest in your coin for the long term?


Real-live use cases so here’s the thing. We are where we differentiate ourselves in various spheres. When we compare ourselves to other cryptocurrency tokens.Different public platforms. We have Adam sani, who is the founder of this company. I’ve known Adam for many, many years and I know him in different past roles. Here is a testament to exactly what we’re trying to do for not for many, many people. Who aspire to do the same thing, and that is to become. An artist is someone who can use their talents and right now you are looking at someone. Who took that road himself and I for one and many others. We’re quite intrigued and inspired by what he did. He went from. A policeman role to an engineer role to play in different executive roles to becoming an actor, a Bollywood, and a Hollywood actor. And he’s done that on his own. It hasn’t been easy, and it’s been a challenge, but we are he testament of someone who has gone through that process and he wants to make it easier for others to be able to enjoy some of the attributes that he’s been able to get and if we can do that in such a way. Using this market space, this market space which is open to so many people, finance, has opened up. Blockchain has opened up the possibilities of what we can do.So yes, so we use it. So it’s a really large case we’ve really spoken about.

Part of what we’re doing, it’s production, it’s given the opportunity on our streaming platform, on our marketplace for so many different types of artists now, we’ve just mentioned film directors, producers, video artists, whatever, but there could be multiple others. Sportsman is another one, events organizers, events, and entertainers. There are so many different aspects of the entertainment market that will evolve as we go along through the years to come.

So up to you,



how do you ensure the security of users and how do you ensure that users’ data or?

The security on the platform is guaranteed because it’s very important.


We are with CERLTIK. Now CERLTIK is doing our audit which is 98% completed. That’s regarding our project, our contract.

Then for data protection, we have got our application, and we are trying to follow the standard UK base. we are in a process we will say not 100% but in a process, information will be kept private. We are trying our best. So this is from the community side and I mentioned about

Do you have a staking program and what is the minimum amount required to stake?


At the present price is we started with, we started with three dollars, and now we are almost in three to four dollars. So, you know, the price can go up and down and

So at present, yes, I think it may be three points a point nine that we check and I think it’s 3~9 and between floors is trading.

Yes, re-and you want to see our coin. It’s called CCV2 on the exchange. So if you go take a look at CCV2, you’ll see what the current exchange rate is and as long as you’ve got a finance account or metamask wallet or a trust wallet, you’re in business, you can start buying the coin straight away.


I’ve been trying to look for your social media accounts, like I try to find them. I don’t know if you guys can drop a link to your telegram Twitter account so I can be able to be a part of this awesome project so I can be able to.

Follow up more with the announcement.


Okay, we got a high gabby way from gabby.

Sai and I sign you can search me on. We have got our own studio nation UK studio nation UK com is our website and I’m not hidden and we are. You can find me anywhere Instagram Facebook.

Hopefully, we will have a huge presence in Nigeria because the Nigerian industry film industry is growing very far fast and we have been approached by many, many singers.

And very good singers, I will say movie producers. So hope you will see in coming three to four months, a huge presence of our south in African countries as well.



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