LBank AMA Recap with $COT

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LBank AMA Recap with $COT

On 7 December , we held an AMA with the $COT team, hosted on LBank official telegram channel. If you guys had missed this session, here’s another chance to get a full transcript of the AMA event.


Guest : RORO @Cosplay token:

Hi I’m RORO from Cosplay Token. Global Comms

We are Cosplay token.

Issued by the biggest cosplay platform in the world: World Cosplay!

This AMA and our Token should interest you because we have become the largest platform in the cosplay industry with over 110,000 cosplayers and 1 million fans.

Question 1 : What is Cosplay Token? Can you please elaborate about this token?

Guest Answer: RORO @Cosplay token:

Well Cosplay is a hugely popular hobby from JAPAN. Cosplayers create and wear costumes to represent fantasy characters of their choosing.

It started from Japan and stemmed to the world!!!

Cosplayers dress up as characters from famous games, anime, TV shows, comics and films.

Cosplay as a market has grown rapidly — with the industry now worth about 45 billion USD

Many stars, influencers and hobbyists within the cosplay space able to make a living doing what they love!

Back to the question:

What is cosplay token?

It is a token ssued by the biggest cosplay platform in the world: World Cosplay! FOR COSPLAYERS

Question 2. What is World Cosplay? How many people use it?

Guest Answer: RORO @Cosplay token:

World Cosplay is the largest platform in the cosplay industry with over 110,000 cosplayers and 1 million fans.

Launched in 2017

Cosplayers on World Cosplay range from amateur cosplay photographers to full-time professional cosplayers.

We are going to bring these users to web3 by giving them a way to gift each other — the Cosplay Token COT

Question 3. What is the platform, Curecos and how does the cosplay token work?

Guest Answer: RORO @Cosplay token:


World Cosplay was the web2 version of our Cosplayer platform

CURECOS is the web3 version of our platform!!

CURECOS is a Dapps and will support all cosplayer tokens and COT giftings

COT(Cosplay token) is the utility token of the Curecos Dapps and ecosystem

COT can be used to tip cosplayers and also as a means of currency when buying cosplayer NFT photos etc>

COT is an eth based coin so it can be sent across borders and there is no currency conversion involved.

Cosplayers who do not have bank accounts can finally receive income!

Question 4. Who will use Curecos? Will this bring demand for Cosplay Token?

Guest Answer : RORO @Cosplay token:

Hey there are so many cosplayers in Japan!

Do you know how many? 300,000!!

These cosplayers of course, and anyone else in the world who wants to enjoy cosplay.

The industry is worth about 45 billion USD! IT’s an interesting market

Question 5. Do you have Anything exciting planned for the future?

Guest Answer : RORO @Cosplay token:


We are confident that the NFTs are going to be important in web3 and of course for Cosplay

We didn’t have NFT elements in our web2 version

It is now here in Curecos, the Dapps/web3 version!

Cosplayers have mainly worked as models, and their individual cosplay photos and works have not been highly valued until now.

With NFTs and COT we can give value to them!!

We are also exploring the Cosplay to Earn model, which is not in the white paper

C2E. Maybe the future!

I mean, there’s so much talk about metaverses. When you are in a metaverse, what do you do? You dress up yourself right? That’s cosplay!

Question 6. Why should LBANK users watch out for Cosplay Token?

Guest Answer : RORO @Cosplay token:


So, since cosplay is a culture originating from Japan, the Cosplay Token Project insisted on starting from Japan

We are officially listed in Japan. And we see actual demand of our token

Marketing activation in Japan is going well!!

Now with our listing on LBANK, we have started marketing activities in other countries, including Asia, will begin in the spring of 2023.

Any folks from Southeast Asian here?

The Cosplay Token Project is also keeping a close eye on the big rise of the cosplay industry in Southeast Asia.

It is exploding there!!!

Our service is already available in English and Japanese, and we are building a system to connect the global cosplay industry with CURECOS!

Ah forgot.



We are working with cosplayers from the world!!

Please look out more for COT!

Segment 3 : Community Quiz

Guess: RORO @Cosplay token:

Community answers this super short quiz!

Whoever get’s all questions correct wins a chance to get COT airdropped!



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