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LBank AMA Recap with $DEXO

On 22 December , we held an AMA with the $DEXO team, hosted on LBank official telegram channel. If you guys had missed this session, here’s another chance to get a full transcript of the AMA event.


Hello everyone! My name is Dexo Alpha, and I am the Founder & CEO at and have been working with the Dexo project for over 1.6 years now. I look after several functions, including Product, Blockchain, Strategy, Research & Partnership, Growth, Data and Institutional Sales.

I am very fortunate to have our amazing teams that has same vision to deliver outstanding products & services globally. We also have Dexo CTO, CMO with us today.


Can you tell us more about the founder of this project? And where can we contribute and observe the growth of this project? is there any valuable unpublished information that you can share with our community for ‘exclusive’ news?


Dexo exchange is made for people and will be driven by its community, we all own this project have a say in the shape of it

There are many updates we have, and we are glad to share few of them here exclusively.

As announced we have Dexo Mainnet launch in next few days and currently going through it final testing. We intent to launch it before this month.

We have collaborated with a big gaming company whose whole in-game economy will be running on DEXO Token.

We will be making an official announcement with more details on it, however it is going to be live from the Q1–23.

Having said that, we will soon be adding a huge utility to DEXO tokens apart from within its own ecosystem.

We have next token burn, before Dexo mainnet and from day-1 of its launch, DEXO token will holders will have an exclusive access to all future beta and prelaunch protocol.

Question 2

The projects that are currently being worked on are usually according to the roadmap. But not infrequently many developers of projects like this are not on target. How to deal with problems like this and tips on what to do so that this project goes according to plan. Thank You


I wouldn’t deny this as we see many project being launched everyday with future promises and delivery but majority of them are failed to deliver it on time or even disappearing without any release and we believe this is due to lack of team focus on the core product rather they focusing on coin/token prices and its value.

Well, Dexo team is well aware of this issue in this industry and working on as principal of building the protocol first before adding it to our roadmap. We first started shaping and building our project as per our roadmap, in fact we have completed major development work and beta testing is going on for our future release.

I am glad that Dexo team has the same vision and as a team, we are making it possible to deliver what have been promised and mentioned on Dexo roadmap.

Dexo team has completed over 80% of its future developments and currently running them for beta testing, and as we say, Dexo exchange

will be not less than a CEX, we intend to add more to its roadmap in coming months.

We thank you our community for there strong support and cooperation, this has boosted us a lot

Dexo team adopted a strategy to deliver what is being promised and we are surely looking deeper into giving high ROI to our investors through various partnership we have in plan.


Many projects are risky and subject to smart contracts bugs and vulnerability. Can you assure us what steps have been taken for the safety of this platform and have you done any audit?


Whole Dexo team is focused around the security and transparency of Dexo Ecosystem. Our smart contracts, websites, and apps have gone through many rigorous testing phase and preliminary audit of our contracts haven been completed by SecuriLab. Dexo contract audit report is available for public view.

Aim to provide a Cex like platform with the security of a Dex could only be achieved by keeping the transparency, security at top of all and we have done it.

Update: Dexo will undergo an audit again before it mainnet launch to makesure everything is in place and there is no security threat to it.

Questions 4

Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community? Are we allowed in decision making, do you put community into consideration ?


Absolutely, Dexo is 100% community driven project and will be managed by its users. Dexo is a new-gen intermediate blockchain ecosystem which works as a CEX without being controlled by any central authority but by its users and community.

Questions 5

What is your project currently focusing on to build your platform more widely known by the public. What interesting features and services will you present to the wider community?


Dexo is the World’s 1st C-DEX decentralized exchange which aims to provide unified products with simplified trading experience like any CEX exchange on its first ever C-DEX Protocol.

Dexo is focused on building world-class decen­tralized products that offer the convenience and reliability of existing centralized alternatives.

All in all, C-DEX offers transparency, reliability, affordability, and convenience in a single platform interface like no other decentralized exchange in the market.

Section 2


When will your tokens be listed on the exchange and which exchanges do you plan to list on in the future?


Hello @David, DEXO token is listed and you masy trade on Lbank and Pancakeswap. In next coming days, we are getting listed on other exchanges. As of now we have our next listing with mexc Global and few other which will be announced very soon.


According to the project’s roadmap- what are your most important next priorities?


The only priority we have is to change the way users are currently dealing with DEX by bringing a “Unified Platform to a Decentralized World”. No Registration, No KYC, Truly Decentralized.


How old is your project? What are the big plans ahead? Can you show us a diagram of your roadmap?


Its been over an year since we have been working on this protocol. Dexo Exchange is one-of-its-kind project which already has a huge demand to serve the real problem we all are going through using leading Cex’s. Latest we have is FTX exchange collapse.

That won’t be the case with Dexo Exchange. As an innovative non-custo­dial decentralized exchange, C-DEX takes decentralized trading to a whole new level by solving users’ problems, Users can trade directly from their wallet app. Unlike centralized exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, Dexo doesn’t hold users’ funds.


Do you have any Bug Bounty to check for weakness? In what way do you plan to make Your project more complete??


Indeed, Dexo has a its bug bounty program which is focused around our smart contracts, websites, and apps with a primary interest in the prevention of loss of user funds.

You may read more about it on our whitepaper. Here’s the direct link. Click Here

Dexo Community Governance:- DEXO holders are responsible for the governance of the Dexo ecosystem, which is done by selecting valid proposals by DEXO Tokens holders and have there say on the whole Dexo ecosystem.


Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?


Dexo Community Governance:- DEXO holders are responsible for the governance of the Dexo ecosystem, which is done by selecting valid proposals by DEXO Tokens holders and have there say on the whole Dexo ecosystem.



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