LBank AMA Recap with DINGO

On 5 May we held an AMA with the DINGO, hosted on LBank official telegram channel. If you missed this telegram session, here’s another chance to get a full transcript of the AMA event.



Sure! My name is PlainOldJim and I am a Community Voice here from Dingocoin. Also here is Rayson who is a Community Developer. She will say hi on question #2. To briefly introduce DINGOCOIN….

Dingocoin is a very currency, and a community-driven project. It was created in parody of Dogecoin for absolutely everyone, based on the wild Australian dingo. Dingocoin strives to be a fun and universal currency with minimal transaction fees. Seeking to maximize adoption as an actual currency, they are a fair launch coin with no team allocation — only fairly mined coins exist, backed by their own blockchain.


Can you tell us, How is Dingocoin different from all the meme coins and tokens out there?


Rayson Kaelbling:

Dingocoin actually GETS THE WORK DONE. All the meme tokens out there basically just over-promise but end up doing nothing.

We are focused on adoption, and we have come up with tools, utilities and platforms toward this.

- DingoTip to bring modern, effortless payments to the cryptosphere

- NFT platform enabling “free”, onchain NFT transactions

- Game integration including including native Roblox support

- … and so much more built by its ultra-active community

We literally have an ENTIRE NFT PLATFORM that lets you create and trade NFTs on Dingocoin’s mainnet for less than a cent of gas fees. Our highly efficient implementation will eventually succeed OpenSea.

We have BROWSER EXTENSION WALLETS that none of many other coins have, that allows you to hold and send Dingocoin right in your browser (like MetaMask).

We have wrapped tokens that let you trade on DEX’es. We have airdrops. We have staking. We have Roblox game integrations. We have Discord games that use Dingocoin.

Unlike the other projects that only promise, we literally HAVE IT DONE. you can go to our website and checkout everything — they are all ready for use. Here are some screenshots to entice the audience

NFT platform — literally trade NFTs on chain

You CANNOT find any other meme project, hardly any crypto project, with such a level of innovation as Dingocoin. I can promise you that. Dingocoin’s innovations are ALREADY WAY BEYOND what similar coins has even dreamt of doing — and we have solid evidence. Just head over to our website to see the amazing things that we have been up to. No other crypto project in existence can even come close to Dingocoin, and this is an irrefutable fact.

And the best part? This is just the beginning. With our recent developments, we have setup a Trailmap (on our website) that outlines our strategic plans in the future. We are poised to conquer the crypto world. And unlike the other useless coins and tokens that promise and do nothing, we have proof that: WE ARE DEAD SERIOUS.

Here is a preview of our upcoming DingoTip project — where you can send coins directly to any phone number. Think Venmo, but Dingocoin. You literally have not seen an equivalent — yet Dingocoin is already close to a working beta.

The proof is all here. Look at this. Look at our website. We don’t just talk big and do nothing, like most of the other crypto projects in existence. We literally have everything in highly active development. That is what makes Dingocoin so special and severely undervalued right now.


Can you introduce the core team members of DINGO? We hear that the team is highly experienced, can we get some examples?



This is another way in which we are truly unique: We have a large active community, which coexists and works together in a completely decentralized manner, and which includes people with decades of experience from cryptocurrency, blockchain development, community building, software development, design and beyond. We are looking for new and talented people to join our active community.

The Dingocoin community is extremely warm, fun-loving, creative, and capable. I have been typing these responses out with a very wide grin across my face, for it is impossible not to reminisce about the wonderful times I’ve spent here, just to realize that there is much more to come. Ever since joining Dingocoin, I have become much more content with life — having been able to come back daily from a stressful day at work to this cozy and like-minded community which I will hesitate for not a single moment to call my second home! ❤


3. Can you give our community a brief introduction behind the inspiration to build DINGO?


Rayson Kaelbling:

Dingocoin was launched on April Fool’s Day 2021 as a joke of a joke by a random Australian (of course — “Dingo”!) dude — indeed, we are fun-loving right from the start! The full story goes…

“It was April Fool’s Day 2021, the sun had not quite risen yet, but the doges were barking hard. Larry and Reginald were howling mad, their pack mate DingoDoge had jumped the gate again. At that moment, Aussie-Chad knew the time had come. DingoDoge needed a life of its own, to be free and wild. Of course, for Aussie-Chad, forking Doge into a wild Dingo was easy. Trouble was lack of sleep and finding time. Between sheilas, solo digging, fleas autodumping his AusCash pup, Honda Civic repairs and buying dips, all that was needed was one solid hour of concentration. With Dogecoin sitting at five cents, and chemesters howling for one dollar, it was clear that dollar-eyed traders had taken command and wanted a tame, more stable Shiba Inu. Push had to come to shove, a fresh start was needed, DingoDoge would be set free into the world, to run wild into the unlimited expanse of sat territory. One sat, two sat, three sat, four… Finally, with irl shadows circling, Dogecoin Core v1.14.3 was set free from it’s genesis block as Dingocoin Core v1.15.1.0.”

We have exactly the same block reward schedule as Doge — except we are still many, many blocks until the final halving! Launch was public right from the genesis block, and coins were mined and distributed based on the hashpower contributed by the individual miners. These were then put up on sale, at the discretion of the miners who obtained these coins; and the flow of coins dictated by natural market forces. No pre-mine or pre-mint bullshit, no senseless founders’ taxes or any other forms of retarded taxes, not unlike many of the shit coins and tokens out there. Just a very currency completely fluent under the mechanics of demand and supply, as a proper currency should be!


What is your timeline, and what can we look forward to from DINGO?


That’s us! right now, in the bottom left corner!

Dingocoin proudly has announced its Trailmap and Manifesto. Dingocoin is a community-driven open-source project, and its direction is formed by the many contributors to the various projects of the Dingocoin blockchain and ecosystem. Dingocoin is inviting all to contribute to its development. The Trailmap includes the following projects:

Project: DingoTip

Project: Dingocoin Browser Wallet

Project: Dingocoin NFT platform

Project: Dingocoin in every language

Find our Manifesto on the Official Dingocoin website under the Trailmap Tab -> “Our manifesto”


5. These projects sound exciting. can you tell us more?


DingoTip is an app to effortlessly send coins directly to a phone number

Want to tip or pay someone? Did you receive great service? Want to strike up a conversation? Go right ahead, transfer value to someone’s phone number or email. If Dingocoin is sent to a new user, the user is notified by phone or email, and the Dingocoin are ready when he or signs up to DingoTip. If the new user doesn’t sign up, the Dingocoin are returned to the sender.

The easiest-use wallet in existence is another brave step to destroy boundaries in the adoption of Dingocoin. Our non-custodial web wallet is a one-click installation (launched for Chrome and Firefox). Download the wallet (should link to download pages), participate in our weekly airdrops, and you are one of us! Beats any other cryptocurrency out there: One click, one tweet and ‘Go’!



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