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LBank AMA Recap with EWT

On 18 April we held an AMA with the EWT, hosted on LBank official telegram channel. If you missed this telegram session, here’s another chance to get a full transcript of the AMA event.

I am Paul Flynn, one of two Foundery and Managing Partners of EcoWatt

In a nutshell we are renewable energy and social impact project that brings real world utility and value to the blockchain

We are industry experts with myself having near 20 years of experience after obtaining a degree in business management and law plus a post-graduate certificate from Harvard university

We want to make the world a little better and show our community how to make money passively while doing something good

Section 1 Question

1. What’s the utility of the project.

The Utility of the project is the core of our model!

We are about to become the new Number 1 REAL WORLD UTILITY TOKEN on the Blockchain.
Probably you all know that Tesla makes more money by selling Carbon Credits Credits than cars.
EcoWatt lets you be like Tesla and get paid passively by selling Carbon Credits that we generate.

Tesla generates Carbon Credits by building cars that are greener than other cars.
EcoWatt generates carbon credits by building renewable energy projects and reforestation projects that support our Tokens and NFTs.
When you buy and stake EcoWatt you earn rewards.
With these you can either mint an NFT to be officially ISO-14064 certified as Green OR be like Tesla and automatically sell your credit access to companies that need them by law.

In a nutshell: We built a Tesla business model and put it on the blockchain

I agree!

2. Can we know the entire team behind the project?
Our Team is made out of Industry professionals with 15–30 years of renewable energy experience each.

Thomas Puskas, the Founder next to me has a background in Project Finance and Procurement and worked for several governments as an infrastructure developer and has delivered projects in excess of 2 billion euros.

Rolf Schiffer, our Technical Director is a German Government accredited Surveyor and has planned and managed infrastructure projects all over the world. He also teaches applied engineering for fun at a university.

Matthew Edwards runs our institutional markets and was an interbank FX Trader before that responsible for 2 Billion USD trading volume PER DAY.

I myself have a background in management and business law and work on the structuring and permitting side. I have also advised on projects with a value over 1 billion euros and structured financial instruments up to 500 Million Euro, all within renewable energy.

All our management staff have these kinds of backgrounds
And our advisors are even more senior.

Thomas Limberger was the CEO of General Electric and is now the CEO of a 20 Billion Fund named Silver Arrow Capital

Robert Schimanko was Chairman of Bank Austria and is now CEO of Prime Capital Management AG

Peter Nussbaum is the Chairman of the World Economic Council, A united Nations Advisory Body

Marc Bruce is the Director of Jump Trading, the second-largest market maker in Crypto

There are more on our website.
All of these people you can google and verify. Very few projects can claim this.

It's a bit long, but we have some serious people on the team and these are just some of them 😅

We are building something really big

Based on today's market caps, we aim to become a Top 25 Project during the coming bear market.

And so far very few even know we exist

3. The first thing investors are looking for in any project is safety of their money. What is the team doing to boost investors confidence ?
First of all. The team and the advisors have a small social media footprint but a really big professional footprint that you can verify on linked-in and other business channels.

More importantly we are ALL Doxed for the first 18 months of the project. This means we will receive zero tokens before Spring 2023. Even then our tokens are tied to the realised market cap. For us to receive 100% of our Tokens, we need to achieve 100% of our goals.

This is how we prove that we believe in the project.

last but not least! Our project is backed by real world utility. Even if we sell ZERO Tokens after today, the value will still increase because carbon credits increase in value. Also, people will always use electricity no matter how hard the crypto winter gets. this means our token will always generate passive rewards

We are a perfect HODL Token. No hype. Just real world utility. Long-term

4. Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?

That is a good question. Our Token Model is designed to naturally increase the Token in value over time without Burning.

We have a fixed supply of 1 billion Tokens. Each Token is initially supported by 1 Watt of power in the real world.

The Token Supply is fixed, but we continue to add more Watt per token indefinitely.
Our 2025+ goal is to have 5–10 Watt per Token. That means that your passive rewards increase by 10x per Token.
At the same time the Carbon Credits could also 10x in that time.

From all of this — 80% of Tokens are available for the community to buy

and the remaining 20% are for the company, the foundation, incentive tokens, team Tokens, advisors and founders

We will have no mega whales without a corresponding investment

Even the biggest wallest will have significantley under 5%

Again, thats because we understand the longterm value of the project

We can easily hit 10 USD within 2 years and 30 USD given time

right now we are at 25 cents on LBankBiggiedip CM:
Token with real-world utility are always the best to HODL. We can’t do without electricity

Q5..What’s your plan for global expansion?? Which continent are you planning to focus on???
We are already registered companies in multiple countries and plan to deliver value globally.

Our Business Administration and Finance is in Dublin Ireland, our Engineering is delivered from Germany and our Blockchain Ecosystem Development from Dubai.

We are hireing in all three countries

Our projects are already underway across Eastern Europe, Turkey, East Africa, South India and we talking to the US, Malaysia, Vietnam and many other places.

We will be active, wherever our energy and environmental and social impact projects can make peoples lives a little better

In Uganda for example our social impact pilot has already planted over 100.000 trees since September AND we helped lift 500 families out of poverty together with an NGO that trained them to become farmers

That makes me happy — and generated carbon credits for our community.
Second Section
AUDIT plays an IMPORTANT role in enhancing the stability of any PROJECT. Do you have AUDIT CERTIFICATES? Or are you working to AUDIT your project to make it more secure and reliable?

Audit and Certification. That is indeed key. Our real world assets are all certified of course, as they are part of government infrastrutcure.

On the blockchain side we have our smart contracts ready to be CERTIK approved and are currently waiting for our Staing plattform to be ready

Is your project only for elite investors, what about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Is our project for small investors as well as large? That is a BIG YES! most of our money will come from Institutional investors. Our very first regulated green bond is already approved for 100 Million USD for example. HOWEVER, we need you and the community to build a VOICE on the market. Institutional investors do not care about social impact, planting trees, bringing energy and water to people. We need a community and a VOICE in order to force them to become green the right way. the same is true for brands. We are talking to many brands already about utility NFTS. They want to see an active community before they work with us and pay you for having started the real work


Q)Can you tell us about some of your partners and who you plan to collaborate within the near future?

Our EcoSystem is building up to become CRAZY large. Everyone wants to be green. Everyone is beginning to look for carbon credits. On the institutional side we are already talking to Funds with billions under management and have multiple regulated partners. On the Blockchain side we are already linked to networks like ReV3AL, Crypto1x1 and Infinity and aim to become integrated into all AAA Crypto Games and Metaverse projects that care about the above. Last but not least Jump Trading already trades 5% of the crypto market … they like us … so I believe a Tsunami is coming!


Do token holders have the right to participate in the management of other projects? Will they be able to vote on a new decision about the project?

Community participation: YES when it comes to NGO Social Impact work. When we are ready we will actively look for community members with our first NFT — EcoWarrior (coming soon) to suggest and vote on impact projects. We will also try to organize community participation and even bring volunteers to help out i.e. build wells in Africa or support in India and across Asia to i.e. support farming projects, plant trees or support microfinance projects. That will take a while but is key for us to raise awareness.


What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?

Our strongest advantage is real world utility and carbon credits. The value and price will rise even during a bear market thanks to Carbon Credits. As long as people need electricity and the world is also trying to go green, we will be ok. We have PASSIV INCOME and 20 YEAR GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS. Find another project that can make that claim :



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