LBank AMA Recap with IRT

On 13 September we held an AMA with the $IRT team, hosted on LBank official telegram channel. If you had missed this session, here’s another chance to get a full transcript of the AMA event.


GUEST: I’m Vic Wild and I’m the CCO of the Infinity Rocket Platform — the best Launchpad on Earth;-). I’m here today to tell you about our platform and our plans for the future;-)

As you remember on our last AMA we just started our project, so now we have a lot of things to tell about.

Question 1

Our question for you

1. Could you tell us about the Infinity Rocket you representing today ?

Guest answer : The Infinity Rocket holds the AMA session in the LBank chat for the second time and we really like the active community you have here. You’re great!

Let us remind you about our company and project. The Infinity Rocket team has developed and launched a new launchpad platform called «Infinity Rocket Launchpad Platform». The launching took place last week, on September 9th. We are open to your congratulations by the way!;-)

It’s been about a year since the team was working hard completing all the Road Map tasks and promoting its IRT token.

So we are going straight ahead according to our roadmap!

And it’s our birthday soon by the way;-)


Question 2

2. Could you give us some more details about your platform? What is its purpose and uses ?

Guest answer : Thank you! We are pleased to present the Infinity Rocket Launchpad Platform here!

The Launchpad is a multi-purpose platform that allows users to simplify the launch and promotion of any projects on the blockchain.

Once connected to the Infinity Rocket Platform, users get a unique data asset, which enables real value creation through user generated events, lead captures, marketing promotions and much more.

The platform will be providing promotional services for token launching.

So simply we make life of new projects easier😉

Our Infinity Rocket Launchpad Platform is an absolutely new launchpad platform that provides start-ups with full support: IT, marketing, token creation, listing on DEX and promotion. The platform is currently available for basic functionality review.

So now finished:-)))

Question 3

So our next question is for you

3. What else differentiates your platform?

Guest answer : Very nice question, thx

We have a unique Market Maker Tools solution — this is an important part of the Infinity Rocket launchpad platform. The Infinity Rocket team has created the solution for token management on DEX.

It allows to solve the issues of working on DEX: trading volume management, position accumulation and distribution, support and resistance levels generating, plotting your own price charts on DEX.

All these things are necessary for creating an appealing environment and attracting the attention of traders. This unique product will be available for everyone who launches a project on the Infinity Rocket Launchpad.

So that’s where we are going

You can see on our website the details of how Market Maker Tools works


Question 4

4. Have you prepared any special events for users to mark the opening of the new Infinity Rocket Launchpad?

Guest answer : Sure!

We are making a big Infinity Rocket Airdrop with a total prize fund of 1,000,000 IRT (~20,000 USDT).

You can join it until September 18th and manage to get your reward. This is a public testing platform. We will check the platform functionality and the transaction speed in real conditions with many users and wallets.

By the way

Аll the participants of the current Airdrop will be added to the Club White-list and will be the first to know about new launches!

Moreover, they’ll get special bonuses from the Infinity Rocket and new start-ups.

Isn’t it a great opportunity to become a part of Infinity Rocket?;-)


Question 5

5. The project has its own IRT token which is traded on the LBank exchange. What are the IRT trading volumes now?

Guest answer : Yeah sure

IRT token is already on 4 exchanges.

The total trading volume of IRT reaches 2.0 million USDT per day. It has been on the LBank Exchange since June 2022. It reached a trading volume of 0,5 million USDT per day within a couple of months

👉 You can purchase our token on the LBank Exchange, here is the link (


Thank you, we really appreciate that!

Question 6

So our next question for you

6. When are the first start-ups going to be launched on your platform?

Guest answer : We opened our platform on September 9th. Now we are holding a public beta. Straight after that we have started receiving applications from business projects.

After handling the applications we will make a short list and publish a launchpad chart.

So just wait a bit while we will announce some info about launching new projects😉


Question 7

7. According to what criteria you are going to pick the projects for launching on the Infinity Rocket Launchpad? How can you assess start-up reliability?

Guest answer : The main criteria is reliability and attractiveness for investors.

Our top priority as a launchpad platform is to conduct thorough analysis and create an opportunity to invest into trustworthy projects gaining as much as possible

And trust me, as a Launchpad we will make our job done really well!

Can I leave a link to our Launchpad website?

Host : Yes , sure

Join us:


Community Questions :

Question 1

1.Who can take part in your launchpad public beta testing? Is there any reward for this?

Telegram username : @jack_jack_blacka

Guest answer : It is available for any user. You just need to have a certain number of IRT tokens on your wallet, this is explained in the launchpad conditions. The total amount of prize fund is 1 000 000 IRT (~ 20 000 USDT)

Question 2

2.What start-ups are allowed to send applications to your launchpad? Should they have a token or not?

Telegram username : @leo1000_1000

Guest answer : We work with any start-ups that have an interesting idea or a product. It isn’t necessary to have a token, we can help to create it as well as a contract and to get listing on the exchanges .

Question 3

3.How do you monetize your project? What are you going to make profit on?

Telegram username :

Guest answer : The profit of our project will come from consulting and other services. That is why we create special software and service items.

Question 4

4.What about the IRT? When was it placed? What is the smart-contract number? And what about its tokenomics?

Telegram username :

Guest answer : IRT is an Infinity Rocket platform token designed for the full functioning of the launchpad platform. It was firstly placed on the PancakeSwap exchange on September 23th, 2021. You can view all the information about IRT on the CoinMarketCap or the CoinGecko. Also, we have a detailed description of the project tokenomics on our website

Question 5

5.How many people can take part in launchpad beta?

Telegram username : @Killer_boom

Guest answer : Any number of those who have a certain number of tokens in their wallets.

Question 6

6.I have been with the project for 10 months. 👍 the most important question for today. And so, many people know that at the end of September the project will be 🔥year of the project🔥 how does the project plan to celebrate this date? thank you😊

Telegram username : @power_building

Guest answer : Thank you!! That’s an honor;-)

We are planning to celebrate our birthday with bonuses and prizes for our community!

Question 7

7. How many IRT does one need to hold to participate in future launchpads?

Telegram username : @andrey_lapchin

Guest answer : The exact number will be set to every project individually. For now, you have to hold at least 5000 IRT for the Airdrop and at least 50000 IRT for subscription.

Question 8

8.In connection with the Ethereum network upgrade, do you plan to work with this blockchain in the future, or will the platform always launch tokens on the BSC blockchain?

Telegram username :

Guest answer : We are currently working on the BSC blockchain. In the future, it is possible to connect other blockchains, if necessary




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