LBank AMA Recap with LCP

On 2nd August, Lbank held an AMA with the LCP team in the Lbank official telegram group, ones who have missed this session can see the recap of the AMA here and read the transcript of the session again.


I am George Hall, I am part of the LCP development team. My area of expertise is business and marketing.

LCP is a metaverse token, plus so much more. We are building to bring crypto projects together to party in the metaverse. We are also a tech. company, we build platforms for other projects, such as NFT, and smart contracts.

1. How important is the community to the Livecryptoparty project? Also, how can we the community collaborate or contribute to the growth and development of this wonderful project?

Guest answer :

Community is everything ❤️

In crypto if you don’t have a solid community you will never be successful.

We have built so far a community of nearly 3000 holders and we appreciate every single one.

The community helps projects grow by telling friends family and other investors. This is the most valuable type of marketing.

We at LCP always give our community a voice as they are a member of the development team.

2. Is this Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone and do you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project?

Guest answer: No, our project is designed to include all people. Our presale allowed investors to buy with only 5.00 usdt to allow all people of all income levels to participate. We continue to do so by including all investors to give us feedback regardless of how many tokens they hold.

3. Marketing is a central element of every project so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieving the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investors to your project and keep them long-term?

Guest answer :

We believe in being all-inclusive. We appreciate everyone’s differences. The same with marketing, we use mainly our community to help spread the word about LCP. This is the best type of marketing, people trust people they know. We also make partnerships with other crypto communities and we constantly introduce ourselves to new potential investors all of the time.

We keep our holders by delivering on what we say we are going to do. Trust is huge on keeping a community happy and growing.

Paid marketing can never get you these results.

4. Can you tell us more about the founder of this project? And where can we contribute and observe the growth of Live Crypto Party? is there any valuable unpublished information that you can share with our community for ‘exclusive’ news?

Guest answer: Roseline Ebunobi is the founder, she has been working on this project for over 2 years now.

She is the technology expert behind live crypto party.

She has an education and work experience in blockchain development

Our growth can be followed by going to LIVECRYPTOPARTY.COM
And our Twitter: @livecryptoparty
Our Telegram:

Unpublished news?

We have partnerships that will soon be released to the public, that will continue to help with the

growth of LCP

Coming soon!

5. How does project increase the token’s value, liquidity and utility? So that it can lead to an increase in token prices? What is your plan to make your project stable and provide the highest return for investors in the long term?

Guest answer :

LCP is more than a token. I like to call it a 4 headed monster

1. LCP the token

2. The Metaverse Platform

3. The technology company

4. The blockchain education platform:

Having 4 businesses in one is important to adding value, especially in a down market.

When one piece suffers, the other parts pick up the slack. Giving constant value to LCP, No matter the market conditions. We are constantly moving forward and this is only the beginning

6. The crypto market is currently experiencing a downturn, this condition is exacerbated by rising interest rates and inflation. people prefer to abandon risky assets. How do you convince new investors that your project is not high risk and will be useful in the future?

Guest answer: Yes, the crypto market is a little uncertain right now. That’s why you just can’t rely on the back of the token. It is important for crypto projects to add value and utility to the overall project. As I answered in the previous question. We are more than just a token. That’s how you make your price stable and add value, regardless of the market. Then when the market returns you have already positioned yourself at the top, giving your holders huge gains.

Second part :

Community questions AND winners selected in the AMA

Q1., Do you have any NFT plans and its integration ahead in the roadmap????

Telegram username: @JM_Marko45

Guest answer: Thanks for the question, nfts will be integrated into our metaverse platform. Once the platform is complete you will be able to buy and trade nfts in the metaverse.

Q2. To be a global project do you have any plan to support communities for non-english speakers? Is there any local community chat available to expand your project in mass level?

Telegram username — @Ismailahmed

GUEST Answer: We are planning on having multiple non-English Telegram channels. However, currently our main Telegram is set to translate automatically. Everyone here feels free to chat there.

Q3. Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Telegram username — @Ayesha_siddiqa10

Answer: The community is encouraged to participate and give feedback. When we make major decisions we always ask the community. If anyone has questions please feel free to DM me or visit our Telegram.

Q4 . : Non-crypto user is very important for mainstream adoption. How you are planning to attract non-crypto users towards your project? Is there any upcoming partnership that will bring non-crypto user and real-use case?

Telegram username — @Margywang2001

Guest answer: We are working to educate under-served communities on blockchain technology. Contracts are signed and more information to come in the near future

Q5. Where is your team originally form and are you a global project or not? Do you have international community apart from English?

Telegram username –@BOBSTON28

Guest answer: Our team is from the United States, United Kingdom, Dubai, and Nigeria. We welcome all countries to come to join our community.



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