LBank AMA Recap with MOONX


First five AMA Questions (First Part):
Hello and welcome can you give us a bit of background about yourselves?

Gemini {MoonX}:
Hey there. Thank you for having us. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with your team!
I’ll introduce myself first and then Zack will let you know a bit about himself afterward.
So, my background has predominantly been working in Film and TV Production, later progressing into business development specifically within new and disruptive technology, but also incubating new businesses. Helping people that have an excellent idea however may or may not know how to put it into fruition. So we incubate the idea assisting with anything ranging from brainstorming, business plan creation, seed finance, development, market integration, marketing, IPO, etc.
Aside from that, I’ve been interested in Crypto from an investment perspective for about the last 8 years, and for the last 6 months approximately from the perspective of developing and creating a token.
Our own experiences in BSC over the last, approximately, 8 months lead me to meet Zack and we’ve built a very strong personal relationship. Zack will now introduce himself.️

Hey! I’m Zack and thank you for having us here 😊
I started my career in Marketing and worked with various companies gaining experience and working with teams in many areas of business. I currently am working full time within Crypto from investing and researching new developments and helping within Market Ledger in the shaping of it.

Tell us a bit more about MoonX and how that powers Market Ledger?
Sure…MoonX is a hyper-deflationary token that is the native currency of the platform that we are creating called Market Ledger. Essentially it will be the currency that powers Market Ledger.
When we call it “hyper-deflationary” what that means is that the amount you buy will always remain constant (unless you sell or buy of course). However, we are constantly burning additional tokens whether that be through buys / sells as well as our own manual burns that we regularly do.
We are also constantly adding different mechanics that can reward you in different ways. An example is sometimes we randomly create a 0% buy, or we may double the tokens you get for buying for an undefined period of time. We also launched an NFT collection where if you buy one of those you will receive a passive income indefinitely.
We are often throwing in rewards as part of our tokenomics…it’s just not strictly on the basis of a reflection. Now…that’s MoonX! However, MoonX is powering a much bigger project…Market Ledger!
Zack will give you the info regarding that…

Thank you, Gemini. Yes, Market Ledger is such an exciting venture…Imagine a place where everything is in one place for trading defi tokens from having a dex swap, charts, and analytical data similar to Coin Market Cap presented in a clean and user-friendly way.
It also focuses on project owners and developers offering services to them. Market Ledger will make the process of Crypto more streamlined and accessible for everyone.
The platform has a lot of tools for making the process of researching, buying, and selling tokens would be:
▪️ Escrow Intermediary Services
▪️ IDO launchpad,
▪️ Buy limit/stop-loss trading
▪️ Charting Platform
▪️ Token listings
▪️ NFT Minting
▪️ Multi-Language platform (English, Chinese, Turkish & Arabic)
▪️ Visa Debit/Credit Card buying facilities
▪️ Bridge for multi cryptocurrencies (Poly, Eth & BNB more to come)
▪️ News and information channel
▪️ Smart Contract Educational center
▪️ Vetted Marketing Services including full-scale advertising for tokens/coins
▪️ In house video hosting services
▪️ Full KYC services
▪️ Dex Swap Integration across some chains (Binance, Ethereum, Poly)
▪️ Top gainers token/coin list
▪️ Crypto Crowdfunding section

What inspired you to decide to start this venture?
Very interesting question
After being in many projects and some not surviving for many reasons like Rug Pulls or honey pots and Developers losing interest, we see a need for a more transparent service to help the investors with reducing the risk as much can possibly be done and bring our platform closer to good developers/owners offering them tools and services that can benefit them too.

Gemini {MoonX}:
This is a multi-faceted question and we could be here all day trying to sum it up.
To add to what Zack said, it mainly came from the frustration surrounding no regulations being put in place. Clearly, it’s a decentralized space, but that doesn’t mean that it should be abused and the majority should be subjected to a rug pull or a honeypot.
We’ve both also been frustrated on numerous occasions about how difficult it can be for someone to invest in crypto especially if they are new.
All of these things combined brought us to where we are today

What are the unique selling propositions of Market Ledger (powered by MoonX) compared to other platforms or tokens out there?
Gemini {MoonX}:
Another interesting question
I guess the best way to describe Market Ledger is that we want it to feel like coming home! A safe haven. It will have the ability to cater to those that have a lot of knowledge as well as those that know absolutely nothing about crypto. Currently, one has to switch between multiple websites, news sites, chats to be able to get charts, info as well as how to buy. We will make it simplified and your own customizable space.
Imagine a world where Poocoin, PancakeSwap, Uniswap, YouTube, Telegram, CoinMarketCap, etc was in one single spot that you could tailor to your own needs?!
Welcome to Market Ledger…

What are the plans for the future with regards to MoonX and Market Ledger’s progression? i.e timeline etc?
Market Ledger is such a large project with many elements to it and some are not described which will be revealed at a later date.
As we know such a large complex platform can take time and we have used a phased approach with the developers to bring forward the release of certain parts earlier than others to be phased in.
Our first phase of the project will be our alternative version to Coin Market Cap that is to be released around the new year with a BETA version. After this, you can expect other elements to be phased in like the Charts and dex swaps.
Towards the end of the project, we will be implementing MoonX as the currency on the platform of Market Ledger.
Throughout the journey with us, we are giving regular updates to the progression of the platform accompanied by Screenshots or videos of the platform shared with our community.

Selected five Questions with Answers from the Telegram community (Second Part):
Are you planning to promote your project in countries/regions where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project??

Hi there. Yes, we plan on this being a global platform. We are working on ensuring that it can be translated into multiple languages so that it’s accessible and user-friendly no matter what region you are from.

Can you share with us your tokenomics? How much is the total and circulation supply of your tokens? Will there be buyback system or token burning in the future?
The tokenomics are as follows: max supply 10 million. We then burned 5 million at launch. We are also continually burning through every transaction as well as doing manual buyback and burns. We have currently burned a total of 5,981,469 tokens since we launched and we will continue to burn. We have a 15% buy and sell tax. With that 2% is auto burned, 4% is for marketing, 3% is for development, 2% is for giveaways and 4% is for the LP. They are variable taxes though so there are fluctuations within that

Trust is very important in business, what makes investors, customers, and users feel safe when working with your project?
This is a great question. We have been transparent throughout the journey with investors by being active within the community answering any questions someone has. We have an active Admin/Mod team of around 20+ covering multiple time zones. Screenshots and videos are provided throughout the journey with us as and when they are available from our developers. We regularly hold daily VC in our group and lastly a nice community is always there too which makes it a nice place.

Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who haven’t yet entered the crypto world. What are the plans to raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space?

Very interesting question. Yes absolutely! This is as important to us as people who are already in Crypto. That’s one of the reasons why we wanted to create this platform to make it easier for absolutely anyone to get into Crypto. It can be daunting for anyone to go through all the different platforms. Checking out the chart on one side, then connecting your wallet to pancakes was to buy, etc. Let alone the process of getting funds into your wallet. This is one having the all-in-one platform, one-stop-shop for absolutely everything you need is key. We will be making it so you can purchase with your debit card as well so people that are new don’t feel intimidated. Once the platform is ready we will be targeting a wide audience in every field through PR and Marketing. We will also partner with people that aren’t into crypto so beyond your typical crypto influencers. We will also be offering educational material. Our vision is to make it accessible to everyone and to teach people things along the way.



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