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Q1. What is Nabox?

Guest: As cryptocurrencies go mainstream, the demand for a versatile, simple wallet that does more than send tokens is rising.

With the myriad of new blockchains coming onto the market each vying for dominance, the issue of cross-chain compatibility only adds to the complexity for the end-user.

Nabox is a digital identity box for Web 3.0 applications, which uses the same chain digital identity to manage and sign multiple network assets.

By first solving the problem of cross-chain compatibility, Nabox strives to become a vital part of the DeFi ecosystem, and gradually serving users in use cases outside of DeFi, as well as in their day-to-day lives.

Nabox users can manage and sign their digital assets across various chains with a single DID. There are no centralized registration processes on Nabox, and all private keys are managed by the user directly.

Our mission is to become the simplest gateway to Web 3.0 for DeFi.

Q2.With plenty of wallets in the crypto world, what makes you different? The wallet market is becoming the survival of fittest, what do you offer that others don’t?

Guest: Nabox Competitive Advantages:

● One-click cross-chain for easy swaps across different chains.

● Works with Wallet Connect & various DApps .

● Supports ETH, BSC, HECO, OKExChain, and various DApps on the NULS ecosystem .

● Decentralized Identifier for management across chains and KYC purposes in future .

● Current userbase: 20,000+, with over 40,000+ downloads.

At present, there are many DeFi wallets in the industry — such as Metamask, Imtoken, TP, Mathwallet, etc. They are all very good, and they have a special overall design on the DApp application interface. But from the user’s point of view, there are still some shortcomings. For example, when choosing different links to enter, the data displayed is horrible, causing confusion on the user’s end.

In terms of architecture and technical design, Nabox will specify its own interface standard (access interface standard), so it will specify the interface protocol of Metamask; in the mobile terminal products, more mainstream wallet connection protocols will be used.

Most wallets in the industry are now accessed through third-party DApps. Nabox has two major advantages: cross-chain and cross-chain exchange, so it can be quickly connected and used with most of the current DApps. At the same time, it will also develop in-depth cooperation with other wallets to provide cross-chain and cross-chain swap functions.

Q3.What is the ultimate vision that Nabox is trying to achieve in the cryptocurrency market ? Obviously the whole space will experience huge growth in the upcoming years, but what role would you like to play in this ?

Guest: In the long run, the best result that digital currency can produce is not only the expansion of existing asset classes, but also the possibility that it may derive more application fields and scenarios, as well as the development of more and better products.

Nabox will promote BSC, HecoChain, NULS and other public chains to become an important infrastructure for the expansion of the Ethereum Layer 2 network.

With future planning and development, we hope that Nabox will become a user’s digital identity portal for Web3.0 applications and build a product with excellent user experience to achieve the goal of network DID applications.

Q4. Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and many projects are being developed here. So do you have any plan to develop here in Southeast Asia?

Guest: Due to the strict regulation of cryptocurrency market in various countries, Southeast Asian emerging markets are booming and becoming a warm ocean due to the inflow and blending of all kinds of capital.

The founder of the Nabox project is located in Singapore. He is an early cryptocurrency investor and a veteran of the blockchain ecosystem. He has established a wide range of partnerships between Singaporean government and enterprises.

Therefore, Nabox has established in-depth cooperative relations with partners in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, etc.

We have also deployed community managers in various countries in Southeast Asia to help the continuous development of the Nabox community and user growth.

Q5.How will the demand for $Nabox increase in the future? What steps would you take to increase the demand? May I know how do you plan to attract more business partnerships to your project?

Guest: Since the launch of the Nabox project in May this year, it has received investments from many well-known institutions in the industry. Investors are also very optimistic about this track and provide long-term support in community expansion, business cooperation, and ecological construction.

With the recent launch of the Nabox mobile app, Nabox cross-chain swap development, more DApps application access, and cross-chain cooperation with other wallets in the industry, etc., will help attract more partners to participate in Nabox. The ecological construction is coming.

Q6 Are you planning to promote your project in countries / regions where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand?

Guest:Nabox is developed by a Singapore company, with devs and advisors from China. We are definitely looking to be an international project, with plans to develop the Vietnamese market and Korean markets. The apps will be launched in English and Chinese with more to come later on

Q7 Can you tell us some of the latest achievements made by the Your project & can you describe in details the current development efforts, such as market expansion plans, expected applications & new upcoming program of events?

Guest: We’re very excited about our upcoming plans!

Of course, we launched at a market timing that’s not the best and we are below our IDO price at the moment

However we also subscribe to the saying that bear markets are the best time to build, and we have indeed been working hard to build

Android and iOS apps beta testing is open already and at the same time, we are also building out the swap product

Partnership wise, we are non stop talking to exchanges, liquidity pools and other exciting projects. As one could probably understand, market being in the condition it’s in right now, some activities had to be put on hold or slowed down, but please rest assured that we are doing all we can behind the scenes

Q8 Can you tell us more about your vision and mission that Nabox is focusing until end of this year?

Guest: Nabox’s mission is to become the wallet of choice for any user looking to get into DeFi. The user experience to manage assets across various chains seamlessly will reduce so much confusion to the end user, and more people can experience the wonderful world of DeFi

Q9 Today in every sector our slogan is “PRIVACY IS OUR RIGHT”. How would your project offer a Blockchain Privacy Protection for users?

Guest: Nabox does not take custody of user assets at all. We routinely remind and alert users to take good care of their private keys as that is the best way to ensure security

Q10 Currently, NFT is very hot, do you think you will apply NFT technology to your products in the future?

Guest: We are always talking to new potential partners. Projects like NFTCircle have already been onboarded and we look forward to adding new partners and helping existing partners create exciting updates.



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