LBank AMA Recap with $PRMX

LBank AMA Recap with $PRMX

On 14 November , we held an AMA with the $PRMX team, hosted on LBank official telegram channel. If you guys had missed this session, here’s another chance to get a full transcript of the AMA event.


GUEST : After graduating from Musashino Art University in Tokyo, I worked for an advertising agency, but was drawn to creating rather than advertising, so I became a graphic designer for a game company.

Over the next 30 years I was involved in game development and production, working on more than 100 game titles.

I founded X-Creation Inc. in 2013 and have been involved in the development of the PREMA platform.

We are developing various services using blockchain and NFT technology, ranging from fintech to entertainment.✨

Question 1 :

Q1: What is the project overview of PREMA TOKEN?

Guest Answer :okay

The project aims to tie the real and virtual together around PREMAX, an NFT marketplace.

Based on the strong security capabilities of the PREMA Wallet, it is intended to serve as a hub between the metaverse, blockchain games, the guilds that support them, the real world and Web3 and Web2.

In fact, by using NFC tags and QR codes, we have completed the creation of an experience value system that links the real and virtual.

Question 2 :

Q2:: What specific problems can the Prema project solve that existing solutions cannot?

Guest Answer : We are working to solve three problems.

The first is the use of IP content. Currently, IP content providers are unable to track more than secondary distribution, which not only results in many missed commercial opportunities, but also prevents proper IP operations.✨

Therefore, we have applied NFT technology to IP content and built an NFT system that not only tracks more than secondary distribution, but also supports all marketing methods!

Second, it allows for individual ownership of digital content.

Currently, the main way to value digital content created by individuals is through commercialization. But commercialization is not only out of step with the Web3 view of the times, it is not a possibility open to all.

Therefore, our PREMAX allows individuals to set up a marketplace where they can easily buy and sell their own digital assets. Soon enough everyone will be able to easily buy and sell their own content.

Third, the real and virtual worlds can be integrated.

Currently, it’s not possible to reflect in the real world what’s happening in the virtual space.

Therefore, we are in the process of building a system that uses NFT technology to link actual crops with those in the game and provide them to users.

Question 3

Q3:What is the project’s competitive advantage in solving this problem?

Guest answer :We are actively involved in the production of NFTs tied to the real world.

We have a patent in 2020 to operate NFTs from QR codes or NFC tags.

For example, we are convinced that there will be more and more situations in the future where NFTs will be operated from QR codes attached to mail or NFC tags attached to products.

NFTs can be used for inexpensive traceability of mail and easy proof that an item is genuine or counterfeit.

We already have systems in place to create imultaneous experiential value in real and virtual life, and we are well positioned to be a developer.

Question 4

Q4. What specific progress has been made on the project? And can you briefly describe the major milestones you have achieved so far and the milestones you are targeting, along with a timeline?

Guest Answer : We plan to release the NFT marketplace PREMAX by the end of this year.

This December will see the launch of the sake and sports NFT projects, and next January will see the release of many other contents.

For more information, please follow the PREMA project’s official SNS, where we will post from time to time.

We also plan to release an NFT game on farming as our own IP, so information on that is a must.


Q5: How do you plan to reach NFT and non-NFT users? What is your marketing strategy?

GUEST Answer : First, for NFT users, we are considering NFT distribution tie-ups with IP holders, whitelistbased campaigns, and NFT content events.

By partnering with well-known IPs, we will create incentives for NFT users to own NFTs.

For users who have never dealt with NFT before, we will release information only available to the PREMA community, creating a connection between PREMA and the core IP fan base.✨

In addition, the creation of contact points between users and IP through NFT is very attractive, and we will always provide content.

We have already proven our system of raffling off real NFT autographs of famous artists!

Q6 : How can users use PREMA TOKEN?

Guest Answer : We have designed a token ecosystem that is more sustainable than any other system.

Users can use PREMA tokens at PREMAX to communicate to both the real and virtual world.

Specifically, PREMA tokens can be used for gas payments in the PREMA chain, as a means of payment in the PREMA platform, for SCM (Supply Chain Management) by service providers in PREMAX, Specifically, PREMA tokens can be used for gas payments in the PREMA chain, as a means of payment in the PREMA platform, for SCM (Supply Chain Management) by service providers in PREMAX, and as an incentive payment to service users.

PREMA tokens can also be used by service providers in PREMAX for SCM (Supply Chain Management) or as incentive payments to service users.

Community Questions :

Question 1 : Do you guys feel satisfied by seeing your progresses and achievements till now, when you look back to the day when you have started this project ?

Telegram username — @mkhi7777

Guest answer : Yes, we are making steady progress on our roadmap.

We are now pushing forward with the launch of PREMAX.

Question 2 : Where can I buy your tokens right now? what is your current contract and how can I buy them?

Telegram username — @VamruL

Guest answer : $PRMX is listed on Lbank and the following exchanges.




If you have an account on one of these exchanges, you can buy $PRMX.

Question 3 : What are those Technologies to be Adopted in the PREMA Platform…?

Telegram username — @derikthimothy

Guest answer : AQR, NFC, and many other technologies are being adopted to combine the real and virtual. For more information, please see the gitbook.

Project Overview — PRMX

Question 4 : Can you tell about the specification of PREMA wallet..?

Telegram username — @Apjkala

Guest answer : It is easy to use QR codes and NFC, and is optimized for PREMA X for a seamless multi-chain experience.

Question 5 : What’s the motivation behind the project

Telegram Username: @Olexander_55

Guest answer : We created this project because we believe we can be a bridge between the real and virtual worlds.



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