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My name is Hannah, I’m the co-founder and Business developer of Safehamsters project And our project its whole ecosystem, with two tokens , own Dex platform , marketplace , game and blockchain university


The marketplace releasing tomorrow, game this month c and blockchain university this winter ;)

First five AMA Questions (First Part):


What is the main propose of SEED and future updates?


Seed it’s the main token of our game Safehamsters League , you will need it to buy any items on our marketplace for our game , this month it’s NFTs game box of characters , next month it’s NFTs box’s of equipment, weapons clothes for your hamster, November it’s lands , when Play to Earn mode open you will need seed for playing the game .

The seed good cause it’s deflation , everything you buy with seed it’s burned , so it don’t come back to the market J it’s not a lot of seed now on the market already , but with the game launch it’s gonna be even less , and then the way you can get it will be farming our another token Safehamsters token .


2. There’s a lot of tokens listed on Lbank , why should the Lbank Community notice yours ? And why should we should buy it or trade with it ?


Position Exchange is a Decentralized Trading Protocol, powered by a vAMM and operating fully on BSC. The protocol offers easy and accessible Derivatives Trading in which users can trade Crypto Derivatives Products fully on-chain transparently and trustless, with high security, and privacy.

Unlike in Traditional Derivatives Trading, in on-chain trading, there is no broker required. Instead, settlement automatically takes place on-chain, where the terms of the smart contract are fulfilled. The intersection of DeFi and derivatives is a gamechanger, bringing yet another borderless, low-barrier, financial instrument to the world.

Our platform is designed to deliver all the advantages of Decentralized Finance whilst bringing the traditional Centralized Finance experience and tools onboard. To mention High leverage, low slippage, and low costs as well as limit orders all while solving the liquidity issue using the vAMM.


Could you tell us more about your game where SEED token will be used ?


Yes, so the reason why Safehamsters has not released the game because yet because we wanted to created something unique , something what blockchain world no has . and we decided to create FIRST AR 3D blockchain mobile game with principle play to earn . Will explain you more :

AR world ( make it fun and watch your hamsters fighting on any surface in real-world, either this on your table , wall or in the park when you taking a walk

Full Customisation :

-create your hamster, equip him for armour and weapons

-build arena for him

-teach him fighting technics

PvP mode ( invite your friends and play with them )

And mobile version for both iOS and Android users J

And a lot more Hope it’s enough you to enjoy J


Gamers are busy playing games & are unaware of the fact that a Blockchain technology / crypto world also exists for them to switch into. So how will SafeHamsters League educate the gamers with “zero” knowledge in cryptocurrencies & things related to blockchain technology?


POSI is the native utility token to Position Exchange empowering its Ecosystem.

Unlike most of the recent tokens created by other exchanges mainly for crowdfunding purposes and for reducing the trading fees, POSI comes with a different and unique approach.

All the fees and revenues from the protocol will be distributed back to all POSI holders by a mechanism called Buy-Back and Burn fully on-chain. This would mean, just by holding POSI you’re a stakeholder and will be able to receive a share from the revenue.

Along with the mentioned, holders can get reduction on protocol trading fees, increase their POSI balances through the RFI technology, Stake, Farm, cast NFTs and Vote.


We saw you have another token Could you tell us what’s the difference ?


It’s Safehamsters token ,

It’s a main token of our ecosystem.

The whole ecosystem was based on it.

Safehamsters have another tokenomics,

1.the people who just hold Safehamsters are increasing their income everyday, cause every 5% of selling or buying this token are divided to all Safehamsters holders .

2.The second usecase is Vending machines , you can buy snacks or play some game or buy coffee in Hongkong already for Safehamsters token , and soon 300 machines will be in dubai as well , then we will just add more and more in every country .

3.You see if seed it’s a main token for game , then Safehamsters it’s a token for having Seed J.

The seed is deflation, so when people will use seed in game, it will be a big demand of it, and then and only way to get seed will be farming Safehamsters to get seed .

So a lot of use case and will be more J

Selected five Questions with Answers from the Telegram community (Second Part):



Since NFT is popular nowadays, is there a plan for NFT integration?


We already successfully sold our our two packs of NFTS

And all our NFTs have some features on it ,

Everything we are doing we want our community have a profit of it ,

So the first pack was for farming

The NFTs can increases your farming , and you get get your money( which you invested in this ) back very quickly .

The second pack was Avatars , it’s only 100 NFTs , so it become collection-able, stars , movie characters , you can also use this is future game , it’s gonna be your unique avatar , and resell it to another person , who like your character more

The third pack , which is gonna be selling tomorrow is Game pack of only 300 character , all them are gonna be skilled , dressed hamsters which can help you make profit from the first day of play to earn mode .



Collaborations and partnerships are some of the most important cornerstones to help improve adoption. Can you tell us about your current partners, plans for partnerships and what everybody stands to gain from these partnerships?


We are trying to make only a good and potential partnership with other projects , that’s why we are picky to this .

Lbank choice was because I believe it will be bigger than Binance . We made a partnership with Heco chain , as well we are soon sponsors for DUBAI EXPO 2020 crypto , and will present our game there . We are always to look for collaboration but only with the projects who are potential



What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?


First AR 3D blockchain mobile for principle play to earn .

It will be a metaverse lands next year , we are having a very big plans for this game. Also , we are not gonna have only gone game , it’s gonna be a lot of interesting games

Hope every user can find a favorive game for themselves



Staking programme is very important for any project, Can I stake your token? Do you have any plan of starting staking programme?


In Position Exchange, the holders are the ones responsible for 100 % of the decisions and for shaping the future of the platform.

Holders have to right to submit proposal and vote on everything happening in the platform from features to partnerships.

This is truly a community-driven project where holders are true owners.



Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and many project developed here so what do you think about Southeast Asia and do you have any plan to develop here?


Yes, we are now talking to Philippines market , we have partners there so you will might hear about us soon if you are from there we gonna have live events, game players and much more



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