LBank AMA Recap with Supersonic Finance

HOST:Hello Guys and welcome to the LBank AMA with Ecosystem of Self Sustainable Cross Chain Product! Super Sonicfinance @supersonicfi.

Today I would like to welcome our guest , jin supersonic and harsha Co-Founder of supersonic finance! @jlsonic,@harsha549 Welcome to the LBank Official Group!

GUEST:Welcome everyone and thanks for having us here.

HOST: Ok! Lets Begin!Would you like to tell us something about yourself and Ecosystem of Self Sustainable Cross Chain Product?

GUEST: Supersonic finance is a blockchain project building quality and sustainable cross-chain products where developers and end users can operate within a self-serving ecosystem.

What this means is that we aim to develop products that are reliable and most importantly can operate on multichain blockchain platforms.

Our recent collaborations with top organizations in the blockchain space will help us hasten the process of releasing our products and improve the quality and entire userbase.

HOST: Thank You very much for the introduction. If you are ready, I want to start with the first question about Self Sustainable Cross Chain Product.

Q1. Can you briefly tell us about supersonic finance?

GUEST:As I have explained, Supersonic Finance is a project focused on delivering products that are needed in the DeFi space.

We recently started work on rebranding and moving this project forward from a mere token project to an eco system of products that are interconnected and all run by our token — Supersonic (SSN)

Q2. How is supersonic finance different from other cross chain projects?

GUEST:Truthfully, our products are different with multiple features. We are bridging the gap between project launch and liquidity provision on a DeX making it easy for developers to transition.

I mean you can see a lot of DEXs out there, we have too many but there is a reason why ours is better and will survive and thrive better than those — that is because we are developing project launchpad (IDO).

That way, any project presale on our launchpad will go directly to our exchange. We are preparing for the issue here and that is why we want to make the experience even better for users as we would make mobile apps that can be easily accessible for use.

These are just two products, we have even more products that will come up soon. You can find more details on out updated website from next week.

Q3. What products make up the supersonic ecosystem and what unique features do they have?

GUEST:We are currently focused on building two products which are the SwapX a multi-chain decentralized exchange with cross-chain feature and a multi-chain launchpad for developers called SaleX. Other products will follow after the release of these products which will done using world class solutions provided by Chainlink.

Q4. What new partnerships can the community expect and how do they affect the project?

GUEST:We are focused on making and developing products that work absolutely fine. We are also scaling with our marketing and our achievements in the past week has been tremendous such as trading volume of over $1,000,000 after adding liquidity to our LBank Exchange. Upcoming Exchange listing on Monday and so on.

As for partnerships, last week we partnered with chainlink and we have started discussion with Polygon team on how we can work together to deliver relevant cross chain solutions.

More partnership announcements will follow as we make breakthroughs.

Q5. On the website the team is only made up of two people, are these the only people on the project?

GUEST:Excellent question. We have team of 6 people working simulatenously and we are one of a kind community-driven project.A lot of folks are also helping on marketing initiatives.As we scale further we will start introducing more of the team.

For now we two are on the front to face and any hurdles.So, we can shield the team from it

Q6. Supersonic announced ethereum will be added to the ecosystem, what other chains can we expect?

GUEST:In our whitepaper we mentioned that the first three chains that will be available within our ecosystem are Binance smart chain, ethereum chain, and polkadot.

We are working hard to ensure we fulfill this and then other chains will follow. Yes, the community can expect the ethereum chain, this just makes our users spoilt for choice. If you love the ethereum chain, then it will be available.

Our recent discussions with Polygon team even makes the coverage wider and we would have many users from different blockchain platforms.

Q7. Can you tell us why Supersonic Finance went 3 million percentage up and 99% down on CoinMarketCap few days ago?

GUEST:This was an error from CoinMarketCap.

There is a token with the same symbol as ours on CoinMarketCap, this made CMC to mix it up and they entered their market pair in our own token, thereby causing 3 million percentage up in the price and then when the error was fixed, we were down 99%.

However, this issue did not happen with CoinGecko, you can see real charts on CoinGecko or use the other decentralized charts.

Q8. What role does the community play in this project other than being community members?

GUEST:We are a community-driven becoz if you had looked at our tokenomics only 5% is by team and liquidity is locked for 50 years. We take frequently community feedback. @jlsonic considers himself as cofounder of the project, not like a traditional CEO Come join our telegram group/Community AMA you will see difference. We are currently experimenting with 2 -week AMA like 2 week scrum style.We don’t consider community and us separate. We are both one and the same.

HOST: Thank you! Now we are gonna let the users in our tg group to ask questions that they are qurious about. Please choose 5 of these questions, and the user will also get reward if his question is chosen.

1. How does Self Sustainable Cross Chain Product intend to stand out with so many Crypto projects out there? What are the uniqueness of Self Sustainable Cross Chain Product that make different from those?

GUEST: We will stand out just as you have said, ‘Self sustainable”.

This is because we are building products that can

1. Rely on one another for one process or the other

2. Multichain and cross chain compatible

3. Ease of use and access.

4. More user base due to the multichain feature.

2. Who are your most effective investors and users? How do you generate revenue to sustain the project? What are your goals for early 2021 and beyond?

GUEST: Our investors are currently people that believe in us, you would not really see any pump or dump in our chat for some time now because many of those only interested in short time gain have left. Most investors now are only waiting for us to release our products and perform our magic

3. Many projects spoke of security using decentralization but they were not kept. I think SuperSonic Finance also needs to be thoroughly prepared for security. Do you plan to conduct an audit through a security audit company like Certik/Slowmist?

GUEST: Yes, we are closely following the trend, we know the weak points in the DeFi space and that has given us some sense of managing big projects that involve a lot of resources.

Our token contract is audited and all products we would make would be audited multiple times to ensure there is no issue in the future.

4. Do you have any plans for the nearest future to make investors feel more secure in their investments? What will you do to build investor confidence? Is there any strategy?

GUEST: We always have plans and one of our plans is not to say all of our plans.

Trust me, sometimes we can say things and we would not be able to achieve them, so we are not a team that gives baseless promises.

However, in the future, we see ourselves with a lot of products that work and can provide solutions to millions of people through our features and cross chain / multichain compatibility.

5. Demand is one important aspect to the investors. How will your token demand actually increase in the future — Do you have a plan for this? What should you do now to increase your token demand?

GUEST: This is one of the best questions here.

I cant pick too many questions because i was asked to pick 5. All questions are great by the way.

The concept of demand involves use cases, if USD is not acceptable in McDonalds, a store or anywhere in the United States, then there would be no demand and hence the USD is worthless and can only serve as paper.

However, because USD is acceptable everywhere in United States and it is a major currency in the world economy, a lot of people need it and always want to have it.

This brings us to our products, our products require not just BNB or ETH or any other blockchain coin but our own token as well to pay for fees and many other things.

This creates a good use case and solid demand for our products.

If our products are used by 1 million people by next year, you can imagine the impact of 1 million people holding the token for some important use and looking forward to a great future and not just thinking of a pump and dump situation.



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