LBank AMA Recap with SWDAO

On 22 February we held an AMA with SWDAO, hosted on their telegram channel. If you missed this telegram session, here’s another chance to get a full transcript of the AMA event.


My name is Lou WAROO and I’m one of the founders of SuperWhaleDAO. I’m joined here by my fellow founders Jamie and Drew.

All of us are pretty well known in the BSC and Eth space. The team behind this project has been behind many successful projects in the past, including EverRise and many others

We each have successful channels, Drew’s being the most popular, with over 50k followers on Twitter/TG

We also have a team of developers, world-class artists, comic book writers, comic book publishers, and movie producers.

It’s a large roster for a project, although we have ambitious goals and a ton we want to accomplish 💪


nd we’ll get into what that means shortly 🤩


1. SuperWhaleDAO is an amazing project, can you reveal to us some of your team members and partners? Is $SWADO audited?


I briefly introduced our team members. We are doxed and you can find more about us on our main Telegram group

Have been behind many successful projects and this one is our main focus because it has so much potential. There is a huge team behind us and we are well positioned for huge growth

Our project has an audit underway

The development team behind this project is extremely experienced and we are confident that the score will be in the top percentile. If it’s not, we will make the appropriate changes 💪

Question 2:

What is the most ambitious goal of your project? Could you share with us any upcoming updates?


We launched last week and since we’ve launched, we have delivered A TON:

✅ Comic book released

✅ Staking is live

✅ LBank listing announced (live Thursday)

✅ Partnership formed with UpTrend

✅ Certik audit underway

The idea of becoming the Marvel of crypto is incredibly exciting to people who really understand the vision. People spend hundreds of millions on Marvel merch, movies, events, books etc… all because of their emotional attachment to the comic universe.

With web3, we can now all be a part of the creation of that universe and ownership of that universe.

The comic is the foundation of our project because it sets the story in an extremely effective way. It sets the plot, characters, and the universe. It brings people in to be emotionally attached to the project.

So before I get into the future, I would love to share the comic with you all to see

During this AMA, I will zoom in on pages 7, 8, and 9.

To give you all an idea of why the comic book is so important to the project

The first thing you’ll notice is that the art is AMAZING

The script is too. We had it written by professional Hollywood writers who have written shows for Netflix and other major studios

they are the top 1% of writers

the comic book is being translated into Mandarin and we will be releasing the Mandarin version tomorrow.

I share these three pages specifically because I would like to show you all what is possible when you set a storyline first, then build technology around it.

In these three pages, we bring the audience to DeFi Island, a paradise for degens.

This storyline follows Bobby, who is arriving to DeFi Island for the first time

Bobby is nervous at first, but his friend Henry puts him at ease. They hit up parties, rollercoasters, gamble, and even go to the strip club. Bobby is having the best time

but then, Bobby starts to see the dark side of DeFi Island

he is invited to “make it permanent” and “show the boss that he’s loyal”.

Henry brings Bobby into a room and there is a hostage tied up to a bunch of rockets.

This prisoner wronged the bosses and now Henry has to dole out a punishment

So he asks Bobby to launch him.

As you can see, Bobby is torn but ends up flicking the match. In the last panel, you can see body parts flying in the background and people partying not realizing what just happened.


Because we have this storyline established now, we are able to take it into many directions

so what we’re doing, is creating the DeFi Island Metaverse

(this is the first time we’re showing this image)

you will be able to walk around and enter into DeFi Island

and play “degen minigames”

The first minigame beta is coming out today and it is a coin flip game. 50/50 odds, place your bet and win/lose.

But with a twist.

Tails, the hostage lives.

Heads, the hostage dies.

Goldman is trying to lure in SuperWhale to come to save the day.

So back to your question, what else to do have in store?



🌊 1–3 Months 🌊

✅NFT marketplace

✅Comic Issue #2 storyline developed by the DAO

💫 Future 💫

✅Animated Series

✅Publicity Stunts

✅Celebrity Backing

✅Generative NFTs

✅More DEX & CEX listings

Backed by some of the biggest names in crypto, it’s only a matter of time before Super Whale is a household name /WAROOOAAOOOO!!!

Question 3.

Can you introduce the SWDAO ecosystem? What services/infrastructure does the SWDAO ecosystem include?


- SuperWhaleDAO allows the community to guide the IP and make key strategic decisions

Armed with $25k and continually funded through buy/sell tax

- DeFi Island Metaverse, pay-to-play and play-to-earn

- More IP in the form of animated series and comic book issue #2

- Then, we release Genesis, which is our Marvel equivalent

Spiderman, for example, is one IP of Marvel. SuperWhaleDAO is our Spiderman equivalent

We aim to be the MARVEL of crypto, not just the Spiderman of Crypto. Genesis will be our brand where we release more superheroes under and let people create their own. More to come on that in the future…

Question 4:

What strategy does the SWDAO ecosystem use to convince new investors that investing in SWDAO is efficient and safe?


By constantly delivering on our roadmap

actions speak louder than words

✅ Comic book released

✅ Staking is live

✅ LBank listing announced (live Thursday)

✅ Partnership formed with UpTrend

✅ Certik audit underway


Defi Island minigame comes out today

translated comic coming out tomorrow

AND, on top of that, we have constant call channels promoting us, YouTube influencers, partnerships like the one with LBank, and many others

The marketing is nonstop

so we are always growing as a community

over 6k members in our Telegram and we have an anti-bot verification barrier, so they’re all real people

The LP is also locked

AND the people behind the project are all doxed and easy to speak with

AND behind many other projects, so it’s impossible for a rug or anything like that to occur. This is as safe as it gets. We’re still very early

Question 5:

5. It’s a lot of tokens listed in LBank, why LBank community should notice yours? And why we should buy it or trade with it?


I hope we’ve shown you that we have:

1. A professional, dedicated, and known team

2. Incredible development capabilities

3. An ambitious long-term plan with short-term potential as well

4. An exciting roadmap

5. A fun project to be a part of

There is so much potential here and we’re only just getting started

Second Section


Where I can get all the latest news about? Do you have Twitter/Telegram/Discord community? If yes can you share the link here because there is a lot of fake telegram/Twitter groups?


🌎 Website:

👑 Twitter:

➡️ Telegram:

💰 Staking:

📕 Comic:


What are the ways for your project to generate revenue in the long run? What is the progress of business development and what are some of your commercial partnerships?


P2E gaming, staking, comics, we are developing a huge set of Defi island games and then a larger PvP fighting game. We have an intense roadmap on our website to check out.


Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I’d like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?


Fantastic question!!

At its core, we recognize that this is a community-driven project in every way. We are always listening to our community and take all suggestions very seriously.

SuperWhaleDAO is the key to answering your question. The DAO will have control over the narrative, project strategy, and use of funds. We have proper channels established for ideas to be reviewed and votes to take place based on token ownership.

Our ideal consumer is someone who loves stories. We are at the intersection of storytelling, Defi, and Web3. People who are attracted to our project are ones who read the comic and understand the vision


Is your platform a global or is there any restriction to certain regions?


Yes, our platform is global! The restrictions that currently exist are only around language. We are planning on translating the comic book into many different languages, as well as our Dapp and website.

Mandarin is the first language we will be translating to, following by other languages that our DAO suggests.

Much like Marvel, this project has global potential 🌎



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