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Guest: At first we are pretty young and ambitious team that consists of web developer and graphic designers, marketing specialist, community leader, code developer, finance and few volunteers from the community. Pegazus is a charity-oriented token. There have been a lot of RFI type projects lately but none of them had an actual utility that would make the project useful longterm. We plan on listings on CEXs, building our own DEX and giving PEG unseen utility in the whole crypto space especially in charity oriented manner. As for me I am quite experienced. This is not my first project by any mean and I am using all of my experience and efforts to make PEG and our community GREAT!

First Part:

Q1. Brief the core background history that birthed Pegazus Finance ? In what ways are Pegazus Finance incentivising users in their ecosystem?

Guest: Pegazus finance was birthed with an idea of making charity project that is completely different to others. Most charities do great work, however due to bureaucracy and lack of transparency, the sectors credibility and confidence has been eroded in recent years. Problems with current charity structures include: Inefficient, on average only 15–20% of donations actually get to the recipients. The process is slow for recipients to receive funds. Decisions are centralised andun accountable to donors/fund raisers. No transparency regarding the usage of donations. In Pegazus we focus on those whilst bringing innovative ways to overcome. We incentivize our users by transparency, developer team — investors relationships, airdrops, tokenomics and contast flow of hard progress backed by work and peaks behind the scenes. Our team is very unique in the way we talk to our community. We believe in trust.

Q2. Does management have an effective system in place to model, manage, and balance risks and opportunity cost?

Guest: Our management is experienced. As Ive told you this is not by far not our first project. We have created a coherent model where we evaluate risks, benefits and using the funds according directly to the experience and decisions. We work as a team and all of the decisions are well minded and executed. For me I was for example involved in teams of DisCas, Uponly, Reliance or BuckSwap, Minr and many more. My experience is vast and I exactly know how to execute the plans well to secure the most benefit for PEG. This is crucial, the experience backed by real issues and outcomes.

Q3. Investors seem to only care about the price of the token instead of the real value of the project, how does Pegazus Finance attract newcomers and keep members long-term with the project? What is the real value of Pegazus Finance?

Guest: Long term perspective is secured:

Firstly our marketing is pretty much set up you could see that with big names like Crypto Zin, Vosk Coin or Blaneoh, my connections are deep. Ive earned a lot of experience in the marketing space and I know which channels are botted, which are legit and especially what is effective in the meaning of marketing. We don’t want our holders to be bored so we are trying to bring surprises almost every day. Secondly we are focusing on making the PEG stable. That means established project with a good name listed on prestigious CEXs. We aim for dozens and hundres of millions in marketcap and we are proving that by our progress. Thirdly we know that project without community is nothing. Therefore we feel strongly about creating a sense of group identity. I hate when developer teams don’t care about community, therefore we are providing maximum transparency about everything. I am showing the community mails, marketing plans spoiling the good news… Community is key and I love PEG family. Lastly we are delivering PEG the utility, real use case for its holders with partnerships and our own projects where we develop our own tech

Q4. Will you also focus more on Asian market as it arbors a very strong based for crypto currency projects?

Guest:Yes, Lbank is only the first step. Asian market is pretty young and indeed fast growing. We know that and we want to utilize. For example we are going to get promoted by Kendrick Kalim soon, famous Indonesian influencer. In PEG tg group we have multiple chats for each particular country. We are trying to make PEG as global as possible to connect people and markets, because we believe that humanitarian and charity issues are global as well

Q5. Can you explain about the recent major achievements made by Pegazus Finance? What is your ultimate goal in the growing Crypto market?

Guest: The most prominent milestones/achievements are:

1. Register PEG as a company. ( We are already registered, this week it should be done )

2. Listings on CEXs (Lbank is first Exchange, after few days after listing evaluation process will come and we will head to more exchanges naturally)

3. Enlarge the team for the sustainability

4. Building our own DEX (After major listings such as Gate, term of weeks)

5. Give PEG innovative use cases

6.Partnerships (We recently partnered up with buckswap we will have our own staking pools and another exchange for PEG possible, not announced yet )

but there are also more global milestone such as:

1. Build strong sense of a group identity in our community. (Over 4500 members in out tg group)

2. Build trust and transparency

3. Continue with successful marketing

4. Make the community happy and entertained.

Especially for the make the community and entertained part I must say and remind that we will announce our 4th airdrop for every PEG holder. The airdrop will be announced with the new partnership with BuckSwap , where we will get our partner vault for staking.

Second Part ( Questions from tg group):

Q1. What is the strength of Pegazus Finance to attract investors compared to other Defi projects?

Guest: The experience. In AMA I was talking about how is our team experienced. We know the exact steps we need to take in order to be successful and this is also the issue why so many good project in Defi ends up dead. We are different, we are alive, we are bringing good news everyday as our progress continues. Just join our community and see by yourself I would love that

Q2 What are Pegazus Finance biggest challenges in blockchain in the future? And how are you going to solve it?

Guest: Charities often target symptoms, not causes When charities help the recipients with funds, it often doesn’t do much to deal with the causes of their issues. This can only be solved by campaigning for short and long-term continuous improvements which in turn will provide viable evolutionary solutions. Right now we donated to “crypto against covid”and the community has the right to vote about each donation. But in the future we plan on more decentralized manner using PEG as a voting mechanism in our DEX. Also we are planning on pools where fees could be donated as well.

Q3 What’s the focus of the PEGAZUS now? Build and develop products, win customers and users or partnerships? Are there any plans to burn or block unsold PEGAZUS tokens? control flexibility, cost and security?

Guest: Right now we are focusing on exposure, expansion by listing on exchanges and delivering new partnerships with my team. Right we are partnering up with BuckSwap and soon our holders will be able to stake. But we are also building our own tech, that will deliver unique use cases. Remember we are only 3 weeks old and the progress were made is huge!

Q4 What is your token advantage that can convince me to change from my favorite token?

Guest: We can talk about our competitors as FEG or RavenX. FEG as a community — DEX and Raven X as a charity. We connect those lines both charity, transparency, DEX and on the top we have usecase for the PEG that is unseen yet in the crypto also remember we are partly doxxed and we have exciting things coming out soon.

Q5 Your team looks Great and very Dynamic. But how do you plan that you can get people’s investments and trust?

Guest: This is crucial point. We are building Pegazus on trust and transparency. We are delivering our best, communicating our efforts with the community and thinking about future together. The trust is being gained by the maximum transparency and progress that is constantly seen. Also I need to remind you one more time about our focus to keep the community entertained, not bored. We are delivering constant stream of marketing and good news. And the prominent part airdrops. We have already done three and fourth is on the way, it will be announced probably today alongside to the new partnership.



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