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7 min readMay 16, 2023
LBank AMA Recap with $STZ

On May 16 , we held an AMA with the $STZ team, hosted on LBank official telegram channel. If you guys had missed this session, here’s another chance to get a full transcript of the AMA event.


Guest : Quintessa Porquet:

Hi Everyone, i am Quintessa i am Head of marketing here at 99Starz and I have with me Luca Lamberti who is the CEO of 99Starz

At 99Starz we build WEB3 products and services that support and help games / guilds / game studios and Investors manage and scale their digital assets more effectively

Originally, we started off as a guild, which we are more widely recognized for, however we have evolved into a robust and comprehensive supporting ecosystem for Web3 gaming and metaverse projects. Our new framework encompasses a more expansive and diverse set of capabilities, providing extensive support to our community and stakeholders.


Question 1. what are some of the future features that some can expect to see with $STZ?

Guest Answer : STZ is a utility token that will be pivotal for the 99Starz’s Gamified platform.

Gamefied is the No1 digital asset management tool for guilds/ games/ scholars and investors to manage and scale their assets in a seamless, trustless and secure way.

STZ token can be used to purchase in-game items, participate in special events, buy in-game assets, or even trade for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

It can also be used as a means of attribution for game creators and developers: when players purchase in-game items or participate in events, a percentage of the transaction can be automatically allocated to the game’s creators, providing a sustainable source of revenue for the development team.

The token will be bridged to all major blockchains hosting the most popular non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystems to enable transactions between multi-platform players and communities.

Question 2. What’s your vision for the $STZ project and could it be survived in the bear market?

Guest Answer: Quintessa Porquet:

The bear market is a challenge for everyone, no doubts. Some believe that bear markets are there to “clean” out weak or bad projects, in part it’s true, but it is crucial to also acknowledge that a prolonged and severe downturn can also harmfully impact strong projects.

In order to withstand such conditions, our vision for the $STZ project is rooted in the philosophy of “BUIDL.” We firmly believe in focusing on product development, emphasizing its problem-solving capabilities, real utility, and fostering organic adoption. By adhering to these principles, we are confident in our ability to overcome bear markets.

We have remained resolute in our dedication to these principles. We have dedicated significant effort towards developing a top-tier product, and we have further refined our original concept by incorporating a highly scalable business model. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to state that the bear market acted as a catalyst for improvement, compelling us to enhance our idea. As a result, what we are delivering now surpasses the already impressive original concept.

Our progress has been substantial, and we are now positioned to leverage the forthcoming bull run and the broader adoption of web3 technologies. We believe that our robust foundation, combined with these favorable market dynamics, will enable us to achieve considerable success and propel the $STZ project to new heights.

Question 3: What are the unique features that distinguish 99Starz from other projects?

Guest Answer: Quintessa Porquet:

Web3 — centric team

Building a holistic solution for Web3 gaming

Trustless mass lending solution

Chain and platform agnostic

99Starz stands out with its gamer-centric team and holistic solution for Web3 gaming. We offer a trustless mass lending platform, enabling decentralized borrowing and lending for gamers, guilds, game studios and NFT investors.

Our platform is both chain and platform agnostic which ensures compatibility across various blockchain networks and WEB3 games.

We prioritize user experience, providing an easy to onboard and deploy software product, helping to seamlessly onboard the next wave of gamers and developers into the web3 gaming ecosystem.

And more importantly, 99Starz’s GameFied is a living product. We are ready to take on partnerships and game right away.

With our unique combination of expertise, commitment, and innovation, 99Starz is poised to revolutionize the gaming industry and drive the adoption of Web3 technology.

Question 4.What is the number #1 priority for Request in the next 6 months for your team?

Guest Answer : Quintessa Porquet:

Our strategic plan entails achieving several key milestones:

Deploying the platform to an even more robust state, encompassing all essential features. Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that meets the needs and expectations of our community.

Integrating the best web3 games available in the market. By forging partnerships with top-tier game developers, we aim to offer an extensive selection of high-quality games, ensuring a captivating and engaging experience for our users.

Strengthening our network through strategic partnerships with global web3 projects and companies. By collaborating with like-minded organizations, we can leverage synergies, access new markets, and collectively contribute to the growth and adoption of web3 technologies.

Deploying our decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance. We recognize the importance of community involvement and decentralized decision-making. Through our DAO governance, we aim to empower our community members to actively participate in shaping the platform’s future, fostering transparency, and creating a sense of ownership.

These are our immediate priorities for the next 6 months

Question 5 : how does the STZ Token, as a Web3 product, integrate into the gaming industry and what benefits does it offer to gamers and game developers?

Guest Answer : Quintessa Porquet:

STZ token is at heart of the 99Starz ecosystem.

The new 99Starz ecosystem comprises the GameFied Asset Management Platform, the GameFied Wallet, and the 99Starz Guild. These three vertices work together to offer a comprehensive Web3 asset management solution — GameFied’s innovative tools enable the efficient distribution, tracking, transfer, and storage of assets. Whilst the 99Starz Guild is available to provide expert guidance and utilization of these assets to achieve maximum returns on asset investments.

To re-iterate, The GameFied Asset Management Platform is an all-in-one, trustless, institutional-grade, Web3 asset management software that supports complex gaming, assets, and guild scholarship operations.

The GameFied Asset Management Platform is an all-in-one, trustless, institutional-grade, Web3 asset management software that supports complex gaming, assets, and guild scholarship operations.

The GameFied Asset Management Platform is an all-in-one, trustless, institutional-grade, Web3 asset management software that supports complex gaming, assets, and guild scholarship operations.

Community Questions:

Question 1 : Are you afraid some day there will be another project with more innovative technology can replace your project ?

@QuintessaPorquet @CEO_99Starz

Telegram Username : @Jessiaseverson69

Guest Answer : We maintain a confident stance regarding competitors as we possess the first-mover advantage. Being the pioneer in our field, we have established ourselves as the first of its kind to launch. While we acknowledge the possibility of competitors entering the market, our significant progress in development sets us far ahead. Our website showcases the impressive achievements we have made, with over 600,000 lines of code and 30,000 hours of dedicated developer manpower invested solely in our platform. These substantial efforts demonstrate our commitment to delivering a robust and sophisticated solution that sets us apart from potential competitors.

Question 2 : Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of Token?

@QuintessaPorquet @CEO_99Starz

Telegram Username: @Joellen_marvin_69

Guest Answer: Yes of course, everything you need to know about our token and tokenomics can be found in our newly released litepaper ��� please follow this link here

Question 3 :Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Telegram Username: @elianadecker1991

Guest Answer: Through our DAO, we aim to empower STZ holders by providing them with a platform to actively participate in governance and have their voices heard. As we progress, key decisions regarding the project will be made collectively, ensuring transparency and inclusivity.

Question 4 : What are the benefits of holding your token as long term investment? Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to keep the your token in the long run?

Telegram Username: @Mi_Ly_69

Guest Answer : Our strategy focuses on fostering long-term, progressive organic demand for the token. We understand that the key driver of demand is an expanding user base. As we attract more users to our platform, the demand for the token naturally increases. By creating a compelling ecosystem and delivering value-added services, we aim to encourage user engagement and adoption. This, in turn, will contribute to a sustained and growing demand for the token. Our commitment to building a thriving user community ensures that the token’s value proposition remains strong and paves the way for continued success in the future.

Q5 : In the Success of project COLLABORATION, BIG PARTNERS AND THE INVESTORS PLAYS A VERY CRUCIAL RULE Am I right , If yes will you please list all the Supporters and BIG PARTNERS OR YOURS ?

Telegram Username: @susie_dobbs

Guest Answer : We are honored to have forged strong partnerships with leading projects and prominent industry influencers in the web3 space, including esteemed entities like Animoca Brands and Polygon, among others.

These partnerships have been instrumental in solidifying our position within the industry.

For a comprehensive list of our partners and the exciting games collaborating with us on, please visit our website

Thank you,



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